Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UPDATED- 85% of all child abuse reports are unfounded

By Leonard Henderson
"85% of all child abuse reports are unfounded"
January 18, 2011 UPDATE to March 26, 2010 story based on NEW 2009 report

Child Maltreatment 2009: Summary
Author(s):  Child Welfare Information Gateway
Year Published:2010

How many allegations of maltreatment were reported and received an investigation or assessment for abuse and neglect?

During Federal fiscal year 2009, an estimated 3.3 million referrals, involving the alleged maltreatment of approximately 6.0 million children, were received by CPS agencies. Of these referrals, 61.9 percent were screened in for a response by CPS agencies.
  • One-quarter of the CPS responses determined at least one child who was found to be a victim of ¦¦abuse and neglect with the following report dispositions: 22.1 percent substantiated, 1.3 percent indicated, and 0.5 percent alternative response victim.
  • Three-quarters of the CPS responses determined that the child was not a victim of maltreatment ¦¦with the following dispositions: 64.3 percent unsubstantiated, 8.7 percent alternative response nonvictim, 1.6 percent closed with no finding, 1.3 percent “other,” 0.1 percent intentionally false, and 0.2 percent unknown.
The latest stats now show  38.1% screened OUT to begin with.

Of the 61.9% screened IN, 75% of those were determined NO ABUSE.

[The math= 75% of 61.9%= 46.425%.  So 38.1%+46.425%=

I do notice that now they are reporting 0.1% intentionally false.  I am willing to bet that is really more like 50%.

Here's our original March 26, 2010 story-

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