Monday, February 25, 2013

Oregon- YOU Gave Amber Her Heart Back

US~Observer News Alert
YOU Gave Amber Her Heart Back – Her Children
YOU Stopped the Department of Human Services Abuse
Amber Parker and her childrenAlbany, OR - On February 22, 2013, Your actions prevailed! The Department of Human Services (DHS) "officially closed" Amber Parker's case, which involved her three children who were taken from her by DHS in 2011. The US~Observer has worked on this case for over a year, recently publishing an article outlining the severe abuse committed against Amber by an ex-husband and Oregon's DHS.

We recently asked our readership to contact public officials and employees who were involved and tell them to stop the abuse. We would like to thank each of you for doing your part. It is through your individual action - your calls, letters, emails, faxes and social media sharing that gave Amber her heart back! Now, Amber has her children, unsupervised, and is no longer under the control of DHS. This goes to show that united individuals can make a huge difference.

Amber was wrongly classified by DHS as being a "drug abuser" and "paranoid schizophrenic." She was required to take frequent, random drug tests and see her children under supervised visits only. Now, just days after your involvement, she is reunited with her children without the presence or control of DHS.

When Amber appeared in court recently, she said DHS employee Ursala Beattie looked at her, smiled and said "hello" (completely out of character for Ursala). Soon after, DHS officially closed the case. Amber continued, "I couldn't believe what had just happened - I felt like I had just been let out of prison."

Again, The US~Observer greatly commends all of you who answered our call and took it upon yourselves to help Amber and her children. Fortunately, and due in great part to your pressure, she now has her life back on track. Amber is greatly appreciative for all that each of you have done for her.

Your help was awesome!

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