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LAWLESS AMERICA coming to California

Subject: LAWLESS AMERICA coming to California
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 01:26:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: CA Protective Parents Association <>

LAWLESS AMERICA coming to California
Dear Friends,

Bill Windsor from Lawless America will be spending 17 days in California - far more time than in any other state, so it is extremely important for this to be very productive time. (Itinerary is printed below.) He writes:
I hope to have some agents join us for some of the filming as I am trying to get an agent to attempt to get us a weekly TV show; that would have a huge impact in exposing the corruption and building the support for change.
Please do the following:
  1. Please email me at and to advise if you will be filmed and in which city and on what date.
  2. If you know people in the TV or movie business, please contact them to try to identify one or more agents who I can contact. An agent or a celebrity would be a HUGE addition to this project.
  3. If you would like to have us film at locations where important events in your story took place, or if you would like for me to confront corrupt people, please email and Send names, addresses, and phone numbers as well as a one sentence explanation of the significance.
  4. Please identify others who we should film, and get them to email me at and I cannot afford to waste time in any of these cities.
  5. Consider ways that we can make this an event at every stop. Email your ideas to and Maybe we should film on public property outside some studios where stars will see us? Maybe we should film on Hollywood Boulevard? Maybe the City of Hollywood would allow us to film for free) at the Hollywood sign? Use your creativity, and let's see what we can come up with.


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William M. Windsor
Movie Trip Phone: 770-578-1094
Fax: 770-578-1057

Mothers of Lost Children Schedule of October events in Washington DC
We will have a strategy meeting before the vigil - place and time to be determined.
Saturday October 27 Washington Vigil 6pm-8pm
Sunday October 28 Church at National Episcopal 8am-10pm
Sunday October 28 White House 11am-3pm
Monday October 29 Supreme Court 9am-12pm
Monday October 29 Capitol Hill/Congress 1pm-3pm
Monday October 29 Federal Bureau of Investigation 3pm-5pm

Penn State to Hold Public Conference to Address Child Sexual Abuse Epidemic
Some of the nation's top experts will convene at Penn State this fall for a conference designed to help educate the public in on child sexual abuse. The 2-day conference ("The Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Traumatic Impact, Prevention and Intervention") will be held on October 29 and 30 at the Penn State Conference Center Hotel. Topics to be covered include the impact of CSA, treatment and prevention, pedophile characteristics and legal issues involved in a child abuse investigation.
Leading participants in the conference are:
  • Dr. David Finkelhor, director of the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire
  • Dr. Penelope Trickett, David Lawrence Stein/Violet Goldberg Sachs Professor of Mental Health in the School of Social Work at the University of Southern California
  • Lucy Berliner, director of the Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress, clinical associate professor at the University of Washington School of Social Work and Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Sugar Ray Leonard, boxing icon, gold medalist and CSA survivor
  • Elizabeth Smart, CSA survivor
"What happened at Penn State could -- and does -- happen in other communities across the country, and we hope that this conference will be a catalyst for furthering the knowledge that can lead to a safer environment for children in our nation and around the world," said Penn State President Rodney Erickson.
The conference is open to the general public.

Nebraska conference on human trafficking

16 year old gets press! Thank you for your calls

PROTECT teams up with baseball hero

 Jane Boyer - Abuse Freedom Live

How to deal with an abusive relationship - podcast and book

The Body Shop
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