Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CCHR Tampa investigator Joel Voss gets up close and personal with psychiatrists

CCHR Tampa investigator Joel Voss gets up close and personal with psychiatrists.

He takes photos and videos psychiatrists at Florida Department of Health disciplinary hearings.

What he sees should not be described in front of children.

If you dare - proceed to his videos and his photos:

Click on all the videos to see what he has done.

Can you imagine videographers rolling in every state like Joel ?

Now, that would be some exposure! (If you grab a video camera and do this-  let us know!)

Florida Psychiatrist Ronald Kurlander Fined $30,000.00 - Deerfield Beach, Florida psychiatrist Ronald Kurlander was disciplined by the Florida Department of Health. He was accused of prescribing drugs to people he had never examined or even met and keeping false records. The father of one of Kurlander’s patients gave testimony as to the extensive damage caused by these drugs to his son.


Psychiatrist Perez Beauvil – “one of his competency exam scores was zero” - Florida psychiatrist Perez Beauvil had a hearing before the Florida Board of Medicine. Beauvil’s medical license was suspended in 2011 by the Board of Medicine. The complaint against him stated he prescribed addictive painkillers and psychiatric tranquilizers in inappropriate and/or excessive amounts to a patient who was trying to withdraw from a drug addiction.

Psychiatrist James Yelton-Rossello to accept Chaperone Requirement? appeared before the Florida Board of Medicine charged with sexual misconduct with four female jail inmates.

 Jacksonville’s “Most Bizarre Shrink” is Disciplined - psychiatrist Mohamed Saleh appeared before the Florida Board of Medicine accused of having plead guilty in Nevada to conspiracy to commit unlawful dispensing of controlled substances, withholding the conviction from the Board and failing to update his Department of Health online profile to reflect the conviction.


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