Friday, April 26, 2013

Overlawyered: Chronicling the high cost of legal system

A Cato Institute blog:

Overlawyered : Chronicling the High Cost of Our Legal System

The Cato Institute is proud to announce its affiliation with one of the most respected law blogs around: Founded and run by senior fellow Walter Olson, the blog explores an American legal system in dire need of reform, showing how litigation is used as a weapon against guilty and innocent alike, new laws erode individual responsibility, and law firms enrich themselves at the public's expense.

Walter skewers American litigiousness with a careful eye and sharp wit. If you haven't been following Overlawyered, here's what you've been missing:

Jude Fines Self for Cellphone Violation

Colorado Jury Awards $11.5 Million to Family in Helmet Lawsuit

Seller Sues Customer over Accurate eBay Feedback

Man Stranded on "It's a Small World wins $8,000 from Disney

To learn the extent of the legal insanity, and how to fix it, visit and 'like' its Facebook page.
Walter Olson

Walter Olson founded and continues to run He is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute's Center for Constitutional Studies.
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