Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Child Abuse Defense News by David S. Marshall

Child Abuse Defense News by David S. Marshall
April 24, 2013
New developments in law, medicine, and psychology affecting child abuse cases. For additional news and information, visit

Prosecutor Arrested for Misconduct in Wrongful Conviction Case

The prosecutor in the notorious Michael Morton murder case in Texas has been arrested for choosing to conceal evidence exculpating Morton.

As reported earlier by Child Abuse Defense News, among the evidence Morton's defense attorneys did not receive was the account of Morton's three-year-old son. The boy described seeing another man bludgeon his mother.

States Criminalize Intentionally False Reports of Child Abuse

More than half the states of the nation have made it a crime to make a child abuse report one knows or believes to be false. Descriptions of these laws have been gathered here. All the states of the Pacific Northwest have such laws.

The laws of six states—California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Minnesota, and North Dakota—also specify that the reporter may be liable for any damages caused by the false report. (In other states, more general laws may also impose such liability.)

Prof. Daniel Pollack of Yeshiva University has written about the criminal laws here.

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