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May 8, 2013

Trend Lines Blog: Programs That Work, and Moms That Do, Too 

What We Don't Know About Evidence-Based Programs
There are a growing number of programs for children and youth that have demonstrated positive outcomes, and this is obviously a good thing. But we're still not sure what it is that separates the effective from the ineffective. In her latest blog post, Karen Walker, co-director of the youth development research area at Child Trends, explains why this gap exists and what its impact is, and gives some practical advice for closing it.  

In Celebration of Moms
Shelby Hickman, a senior research assistant, links moms and their worries to the founding of Mother's Day, explains why mothers' indiscriminate praise of their offspring itself warrants praise, and argues that teens will thank their moms later for making them eat meals with the family now. To get more specifics on what to thank your mother for, read the post!   

Kelly Maxwell Joins Child Trends 

Kelly Maxwell will join Child Trends as a senior program area director in early childhood research, starting July 1st. Dr. Maxwell, a nationally-recognized expert on early childhood research and policy, has a particular interest in the areas of school readiness and evaluations of early childhood initiatives.

Dr. Maxwell has led national and state research studies on such issues as Quality Rating and Improvement Systems, school readiness assessments, and early childhood teacher preparation. She currently serves as the associate director at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and a research associate professor in the School Psychology Program, both at the University of North Carolina. She will be based in Chapel Hill.   

Free Webinar: Early Childhood Data: Building a Strong Foundation

States are at a critical juncture for incorporating new data practices and moving toward the development of comprehensive early childhood data systems. This upcoming webinar, the last in a series of three, will present an overview of best practices that promote data integrity and ensure that high-quality data are available for reporting, monitoring, and evaluation. The series was designed, in part, as an orientation to a new set of tools designed by the Quality Initiatives Research and Evaluation Consortium (INQUIRE) to support the development of high quality early childhood data.

Data Management: Best Practices for Producing High-Quality Data
Thursday, May 16, 2:00 - 3:30pm EST

INQUIRE is directed by Child Trends through a contract with the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation in the Administration for Children and Families. 

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In Celebration of Moms


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