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Top 10 Things to NOT Say to Yourself
We tend inflict so much suffering upon ourselves through negative self-talk. Here is Mike Bundrant's list of the top 10 things to avoid saying to yourself. Read them, then follow Mike's steps to get a better handle on your negative self-talk.

Assertiveness for Beginners
Your boss just said something demeaning to you in front of others. What should you do? This post discusses if and when you should say something and how to appropriately respond.

What to Do When You Fear Weight Gain
Scared of gaining weight? It’s no wonder with society blurring the lines between worthiness and weight. Find out how you can mitigate the negative effects of societal pressures to be thin.

Parental Influence Matters More Than You Think
You might think that when it comes to academics, exercise and sex, you have no influence over your children. According to this, you do.

What Makes You Happy
Gratitudes are easy to overlook when you are stressed or busy, yet paying attention to them helps increase your happiness. So what can you pay attention to today? Maybe some of these suggestions will help.

News & Views

Could Your Nose Help Docs Sniff Out Schizophrenia?
New research suggests collecting tissue from the nose through a biopsy may provide another set of diagnostic capabilities. Until now, biomarkers for schizophrenia had only been found in the neuron cells of the brain, which can’t be collected before death.

On Some Days, Best Not to Make Marital Sacrifices
While making sacrifices in a romantic relationship is generally a positive thing, doing so on days when you are feeling especially stressed may not be beneficial.

Is Depression Overdiagnosed & Overtreated in US?
A new study from Johns Hopkins suggests Americans are overdiagnosed and overtreated for depression.

Body Obsession Linked to Disordered Brain Wiring
Researchers say individuals with body dysmorphic disorder have, in essence, global "bad wiring" in their brains — that is, there are abnormal network-wiring patterns across the brain.

Fear of 'Missing Out' Drives Use of Social Media
Experts say the rise in social media, where we can keep up-to-date with each other’s every movements like never before, has led to the curse of “fear of missing out.” A new study develops a way to measure the concept.

1-in-3 Stroke Victims Contend With Depression
Researchers believe that about one-third of patients suffer depression following a stroke and this depression can, in turn, increase the risk of another stroke.

Poor Parenting and an Increased Risk of Bullying
Children who are exposed to poor parenting, whether it’s abuse, neglect or overprotection, are more likely to experience childhood bullying.

World of Psychology

6 Steps Towards Resilience and Greater Happiness
The opposite of depression is not happiness. It is resilience, which is the ability to cope with life’s frustrations without falling apart. Psych Central's Therese J. Borchard has discovered that her recovery program for depression and anxiety also coincides with steps toward happiness.

9 Things Not to Say to Someone With Mental Illness
When it comes to mental illness, people say the darnedest things. Even medical staff can make incredibly insensitive and downright despicable remarks. So what makes an insensitive remark?

Are You Perpetuating Your Problem?
Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy, envy, guilt, hurt or shame, you are most likely (perhaps unintentionally) perpetuating your problem by your thoughts. Let us explain.

10 Rules for Fighting Couples
We all have our fights. But you should follow these 10 tips for effective anger management if you want to enjoy a lasting, loving relationship.

Working to Stamp Out Thinspiration on Twitter
Trying to stem the social media posts that promote eating disorders is a noble undertaking. So we encourage everyone to sign this petition:
Twitter: Restrict use of thinspiration language and hashtags

Best of our Blogs

Suicide: Is it Less About Mental Health
Than Integration Into Society?

(Single at Heart) – Does suicide have to do with fitting in with society? And does being married have anything to do with it? This blogger addresses an old  theory on suicide that brings the importance of social belonging to light.

What's The Impact of DSM-5?
(Mental Health Humor) – Just in time for its arrival, Chato B. Stewart shares his visual interpretation regarding the aftermath of the new DSM-5.

Depression Sucks. Period. Exclamation Point.
(Depression on My Mind) - Christine says it's been coming on for a few weeks, so it was no surprise when she awoke and said “uncle – game over.” She had reached a tipping point and the depression is now ahead.

Normal Behavior or Mental Illness?
(Therapy That Works) - Yes, everyone picks at his or her skin at some point; however, Excoriation Disorder far exceeds "normal" grooming behavior.

The Power Of Being An Introvert
(The Gentle Self) - Introverts and shy people all over rejoice: there is nothing wrong with you.

Being 'Baker Acted'
(Her Bipolar Life) - It’s like you don’t even realize how sick you are until it’s too late. That's how Kat describes the moments and events leading up to her run-in with police and subsequent hospitalization.

How Not to Sabotage a First Date
(Quick-Fix: Mental Health Cartoons) - Has this happened to you? You’re out with someone at a restaurant, everything is going fine, and then he does something wrong.

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Ask the Therapist

Boyfriend’s Kids Disrespect Me
I have been in a committed relationship for 1.5 years to a man that truly loves me. He has 3 daughters 22,18,16. I have a 19 year old daughter who...

Extreme Body Issues
I’ve always been self-conscious about my body. When I was 13 I gained a lot of weight and I realized I was getting stretch marks. I didn’t really care back...

Reactive Attachment Disorder?
My 8-year-old adopted daughter has had 4 different therapists including neurotherapy. She has yet to have someone really diagnose or help us with exactly her problems. She was...

Getting Help With Insurance
I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at age 15 but the doctors at the mental hospital did not even bother to look into the problem very well. They just diagnosed me after...

Who Does She Love?
Hi! The last few months I have been seeing this girl. At first she said that the man she was with when I first met her was her dance partner...

Angry at Girlfriend's Past
I guess she is my ex now, but I was in a reasonably serious relationship with a women about 20 years my senior (a subject that came with its own...

Always Crying
I feel like crying all the time and I’m not able to concentrate on any task or talk to someone. My sister got divorced after a 2-year marriage and...

Wasting My Time Again?
My boyfriend is a year and a half younger than me so I knew going into it that I might have issues with him being a bit immature in certain...

A Poor Relationship With
Boyfriend's Mother

I am engaged to the man of my dreams but his mother and I can’t seem to get along. Sometimes we are fine, but for the most part we are...

Long-Term Apathy
I spent last winter in an apathetic state where I completely lost interest in things that were important to me and I avoided interacting with friends at all costs. I...

Newly Married, Afraid of Sex
I got married last week. It is an arranged marriage. My husband is my relative whom I called brother till last year. Though i like him, whenever he touches...

Something is Wrong
I am sorry to bother you; you probably get stuff like this all the time. Sorry. I um… there's definitely something up with me. I've always been nervous around people, but...

Normal Grieving or Depression?
Hi, I'm wondering if what I went through was physical depression. When I was 7 my mother died and after that I would get sick almost every day. It got better...

Hallucinations, Mania & OCD
I see and hear things that no one else can see, mainly demonic faces everywhere that looks like a zombie-looking alien with huge goat-looking horns. The other things I...

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