Monday, May 6, 2013

♪ Goin' off the rails, got a crazy train! ♫

Here in the glorious state of Oregonistan, our Guv is a Dem Doctor. The Dems have owned Oregonistan for many years, so Progress is in quite an advanced state. They have been working on agreements with Obama to make government healthcare a reality like a teenage wet dream.

The good news is, the Train Wreck hasn't hit any of the new entitlements. The only parts affected are the parts that were originally for the elderly. The Train Wreck has plainly piled up in the Elderly Care Section, as can be seen by the overhead photograph-


Perhaps as the wreckage is cleared away, things will improve. 

Problem is, presently the only people available to clear the mess are the sick and elderly, and we are really lousy and impoverished help (with short life expectancy).

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