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Nutrition goes to school
Gone are the days of the fries-and-a-shake school lunch - today's students can opt for light popcorn and flavored water instead. In his latest post, Child Trends' David Murphey reviews the USDA's decision to issue new standards for foods and beverages sold in schools. Anti-obesity strategies and campaigns seem to be working: according to a new government report, obesity rates are falling even for young children from low-income families, who've had some of the highest obesity rates. 
New Research
Pre-kindergarten supports low-income children's academic school readiness
Among low-income children that are in subsidized child care, those who are also in pre-kindergarten are more likely to be academically ready for school. In a study to be published in Early Childhood Research Quarterly this month, Child Trends' researchers Nicole Forry and Kate Welti, and Elizabeth Davis of the University of Minnesota, also found that the use of subsidized center-based care is associated with children being academically ready for kindergarten. The study looked at variations in school readiness associated with different types of subsidized child care in Maryland.
Steroid use in teens
In 2012, tenth graders with no plans to complete four years of college were significantly more likely to have used steroids in the preceding four months than their counterparts with plans to complete four college years - 2.3 percent versus 0.7 percent. There was no significant difference by gender. Steroids can be doctor-prescribed, but youth may take them illegally to enhance their strength, size, or aggressiveness. Apart from having its own slew of negative health effects, adolescent steroid use has been linked with other risky behaviors, such as drinking and driving and sharing needles used for steroid injection. Read about these latest data, and more, in the Child Trends DataBank.
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Promising Practices in Professional Development Related to Family-Provider Relationships
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