Sunday, August 11, 2013

Parental Rights- Parenting Help You Can Use

Parenting Help You Can Use

-- August 11, 2013

You support the Parental Rights Amendment because you don’t want the government telling you how to raise your kids. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a little helpful how-to advice from someone else now and then!

Here’s what parents are saying about Vicki Bentley’s Everyday Family Chore System:

[It’s] an easy, effective, and engaging way to help the family team enjoy the needed mundane work of picking up and learning personal responsibility in a fun way.

…includes a helpful explanation of how the “system” changed over the years to adapt to the growing skills and character of her children.

[It builds] an atmosphere that encourages personal responsibility, personal involvement, and personal achievement while building a welcoming place of refuge, rest and fun!

The Everyday Family Chore System is an ebook on household management training, with practical ideas for how to make a family chore plan that works! It includes tried-and-true how-to-do-it cards now used successfully in many households, ideas for using the cards as a stand-alone system or to enhance virtually any other system you may currently use, plus tips on how to organize your household to maximize success.

Author Vicki Bentley of EverydayHomemaking .com is a busy mom of 8 and former foster mom to over 50. She is a popular speaker at homeschool conferences around the country, leading workshops on organization and family management (among other topics).

Everyday Family Chore SystemClick to Donate
How-to resources include 52 detailed instruction cards for chores like:
  • "Tidy the Kitchen"

  • "Clean Refrigerator"

  • "Clean Bathroom"

  • "Empty Dishwasher"

This resource is available – this week only – free with your gift of $35 or more to So as you provide financial support for our efforts to pass the Parental Rights Amendment, we are empowering parents to raise responsible kids with this highly useful and informative system!

This 3rd of 4 weekly offers starts at midnight and ends at 11:59 pm EDT August 18. Click here during that time to support parental rights and secure your copy of the Everyday Family Chore System - or donate in the next 6 hours only to secure Michael Farris's Constitutional Literacy on DVD for your gift of $50 or more.

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