Friday, November 22, 2013

Boston Children's Hospital "kidnapping" radio interview

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In an exclusive groundbreaking interview broadcast on Natural News Radio yesterday, Robert Scott Bell interviewed Beau Berman, the award-winning journalist covering the Boston Children's Hospital "kidnapping" of a young girl, keeping her a prisoner at the hospital for 10 months!

In this exclusive interview, Beau reveals that the hospital may have a history of doing this before! Is kidnapping children part of modern medicine's new revenue model?
Download the MP3 of this exclusive interview right now at the Natural News Radio archive page for the Robert Scott Bell Show.

This is a must-listen interview that exposes the raw criminality of today's medical system. Hospitals are now apparently so desperate for revenues that they are literally kidnapping young girls in order to force them into high-profit treatments, all while removing the parents from the hospital essentially at gunpoint.

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