Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prosecutor to Get Jail Time for Convicting Innocent Man

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November 14, 2013

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Prosecutor to Get Jail Time for Convicting Innocent Man

A former prosecutor has compromised claims against him for misconduct in the wrongful conviction of Michael Morton in Texas. Morton served almost 25 years for killing his wife before his innocence was shown and he was freed. The prosecutor, Ken Anderson, hid evidence pointing to someone else as the murderer.

Among the consequences Anderson has agreed to accept is ten days in jail. This is reportedly the first time an American prosecutor has ever gotten jail time for misconduct leading to the conviction of an innocent person.

After Morton's innocence was shown, Anderson resigned the judgeship he had since assumed. Now he has also pleaded guilty to contempt of court. He will resign from the bar.

Anderson has not, though, acknowledged that he did anything wrong. Rather, he has said, "the system failed" in the Morton case.

After the murder, Morton's three-year-old son told his grandmother that he had seen a "monster" with red gloves, a blue suitcase, and a basket of wood "hit mommy." A blue suitcase, a wicker basket, and a piece of wood had all figured prominently in the crime scene. Anderson, though, never told Morton's lawyers about the boy's statements or even that the boy might have witnessed the crime.

More on Anderson's plea bargain can be found here.

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