Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nothing happening here. Move along

I don't actually consider myself a great student of history, at least not in the sense conveyed in the study of Shakespeare in high school (!)

I remember about 1958 or so the church I grew up in was passing around a rumor about some "planks" in a communist manifesto written a long time ago and how many of those things had been implemented since Woodrow Wilson was in office. Didn't think much of it because that denomination was known for being a tad sensational anyway.

And later on, in the early 1970's there was another rumor about some NEW manifesto with some bad ideas in it, like "situational ethics" and whatnot.

Nonetheless, I just blew it all off as incredible religious gossip.

Honestly, it wasn't until I got internet service in 1996 that I actually sought out and READ the various Manifestos. The first one I stumbled across was the Humanist Manifesto II of 1973. Probably because I was having an argument with somebody about "Situational Ethics".

Upon actually READING the Manifesto II, the exact words that came out of my mouth were: "OH....MY.....GAWD. This is the bible of the new age, hippy-dippy, far out man, enviro-freak, arrogant, smart-alek professional LEFT".

Since my experience with them through the years left me wondering if they were reading the same script, I wondered WHAT that script was and WHERE I could find it. Turns out, this is what "modern education" IS. This sick, arrogant doctrine is taught to kids from Kindergarten on, and rule #1 about college is YOU MUST BECOME A COMMUNIST, because that's "intellectual".

Since the very first sentence of Manifesto II refers to the Humanist Manifesto I of 1933, I decided I needed to go read it too. For some reason, the name John Dewey keeps showing up in this new age crap. Hmmm. Perhaps John Dewey isn't getting nearly enough credit for helping create the "Progressive Movement".

Then I got around to reading the Communist Manifesto. OH....MY.....GAWD. Not family friendly.

Of course, this couldn't be happening, could it?

Why No One Is Married

How Dr. Spock destroyed America

United Nations Population Fund Leader Says Family Breakdown is a Triumph for Human Rights

Naw. Nothing happening here. Move along

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