Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UPDATE: Man Who Set Himself on Fire at NH Courthouse Did So In Name of Father’s Rights

Posted June 20th 8:52am by HVnews

....We’d reprint the entire letter, but it is long. Like Tolstoy on a bender long. But it’s worth reading simply because if Thomas Ball was willing to set himself on fire in the name of father’s rights and a confusing court system, then it’s probably a conversation that this society needs to have.

It also raises the importance of mental health check-ups, because if Ball was seeing the right doctors or therapists, it’s possible this tragedy could have been avoided. It’s possible Ball might have felt he had other options to fix his crummy situation aside from the dramatic one he chose.

There is nothing more tragic than a person that is given the slight push they need to do something so drastic, so incredibly full of hate for themselves, their situation, and a government bureaucracy that was probably over-stepping in the name of doing their jobs.  FULL STORY

I left a nice comment there-

I have some news for the writer of this article- You have absolutely NO CLUE what you are talking about, which makes your opinion pretty useless.

Ball's self- immolation had very little to do with "fathers rights". And characterizing the family court system as "confusing" may be the best minimization ever.

Suggesting that psychiatric intervention might have helped, shifts the entire subject.

The first problem the writer of this article shares with the majority of Americans, is utter cluelessness about what family court has degenerated into. My article "What Happens in the FOG"- - details the unconstitutional courts of No Due Process.

In fact, what Ball and hundreds of thousands more of us are fighting are some of the very same reasons our fore-fathers fought the Revolutionary War.

When I first heard of Ball's suicide, frankly I feared the next thing we were going to hear about was how many of his enemies he had dispatched to Hell before he fragged himself.

So I felt some relief to hear that he kept the damage to himself in the form of self-immolation. Used to be, that was considered the sort of protest that REALLY got people's attention and decide "Wow, if things really are THAT BAD, maybe we should FIX IT".

Thomas Ball, in his last act, was trying to EDUCATE the placid masses what the system has become for parents and families.

American Family Rights Association is also trying to educate families. Not only in HOW to Fight CPS, but WARNING OTHERS how bad the system is BEFORE it happens to YOU.

It's a lot worse than you think it is.

Leonard Henderson, co-founder
American Family Rights
"Until Every Child Comes Home"©
"The Voice of America's Families"©

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