Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Tell if Your Doctor is on the Drug Industries' Payroll

Posted By Dr. Mercola | January 14 2012

Drug companies are master marketers, and they attack the drug market on multiple levels.

On the surface level are direct-to-consumer advertisements, like the drug commercials you see on television and in magazines.

The next level is an army of drug reps who "educate" physicians about new drugs; a practice that includes visiting physicians personally, often with lavish gifts in hand, or offers of dinners and trips as persuasive perks.

As you dig even deeper, the next marketing "layer" are the industry-paid physicians, researchers and other medical experts who provide consulting services, research and lectures about drugs -- lectures that typically target the physicians they depend on to recommend, prescribe, and dispense their medications.

These "experts" are very much on the drug industry's payroll -- but they masquerade as independent medical experts or even state officials during their "day jobs."

Over $761 Million Paid in Just Over Two Years

The amount of money that drug companies are throwing at medical experts is nothing to sneeze at. FULL STORY

I left a comment there-


American Family Rights Association tries to educate American parents to be aware of how Childrens Protective Services operates- and how to defend themselves in the unconstitutional Family courts of NO Due Process.

Fueled by BILLION$ in Federal funding, a CPS agent is likely to show up at YOUR front door because "there has been a report". It doesn't matter how utterly absurd the allegation is, that allegation IS THE EVIDENCE.

Depending entirely on your financial status and your ability to put a knowledgeable LAWYER on the case, you - YES YOU- will enter the Orwellian nightmare of the "Child Protection" system.

This industry rotates heavily around the use of psychiatrists to "diagnose" children and assassinate the parent's character. EVERYBODY ends up "needing medication".

This article "How to Tell if Your Doctor is on the Drug Industries' Payroll" leads me to wonder and speculate how far the pharmaceutical dollars penetrate into the CPS system.

Consider how deeply entrenched the biggest unions in the world (Union Thugs Want Your Children- and you do NOT need to have DONE ANYTHING to be accused and investigated by a CPS agent.

Then consider that unlike Orwell's "1984" you don't even need to have committed a "Thought Crime" when the CPS agent's wild imaginations become the EVIDENCE for use in the unconstitutional court of NO Due Process. You are held responsible for the THOUGHTS OF the CPS agent OR a "mental illness clinician".

All of which involves both YOU and your children being doped out of your heads.

If we "follow the money" trail, there may very likely be a big one going back to the drug companies.

Leonard Henderson, co-founder
American Family Rights
"Until Every Child Comes Home"©
"The Voice of America's Families"©

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