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JurisDictionary: Get Your Evidence Admitted

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Get Your Evidence Admitted ! ! !

( From official "How to Win in Court" Course )
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Don't end up like this poor fellow!

Here he is in the heat of trial.

He has documents he's been counting on to win his case.

He's trying to present them to the court for the first time on the day of the trial.

Big mistake!

His documents need to be admitted as evidence.

But, the other side objected to the documents.

And, the judge sustained the objection based on the rules of evidence this fellow does not know.

His documents are inadmissible!

Documents he's been counting on.

The keys to winning are not coming in!

He will lose ... needlessly!

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepHe could have avoided last-minute objections if he'd done just a few things before trial ... things any average 8th grader can learn how to do.

But, he thought he'd be tricky and surprise his opponents.

So, he hid his "evidence", waiting till the last minute, intending to "spring it" on his opponent at trial, when he expected it would be too late for his opponent to come up with counter-evidence.

Bad idea!

Ambush rarely works at trial ... no matter what we've seen on TV or at the movies.

If you aren't careful you'll find yourself in this poor fellow's shoes, trying to convince a judge to allow critical documents to be admitted as evidence at the last minute!

You may have documents, photographs, audio recordings, video tape, or any number of things you may assume are certain to win your case for you ... but, if you don't get your evidence in before trial, you likely will not get them in at all.

Then you will lose ... needlessly!

It happens waaaay too often!

Why not be fully prepared before trial?
You only get one bite at the trial apple.
Never wait till trial day to test evidence for admissibility.
Never trust what a witness promises she will say at trial.
Never that any document will be admitted ... even if it's sealed with royal wax imprinted by a king's ring and draped with lovely silk ribbons.

If you assume you have "evidence" to spring on your opponent at trial, you are playing a dangerous game, risking everything for no real advantage whatever.

If you wait to reveal "secret evidence" at trial, you're betting on the wrong horse!

Why not authenticate your evidence before trial the way my official "How to Win in Court" step-by-step self-help course explains?

Force the other side to admit the authenticity of your evidence before trial and prevent last minute surprises and disappointments.

I frequently hear people proudly proclaim, "I already have all the evidence I need!" They plan to wait till trial to present a photograph, survey map, letter, memorandum, email, or some other "evidence" they have ... confident their "secret evidence" will give them the victory.

The problem is that the "evidence" they plan to present at trial isn't "admissible".

Evidence that isn't admissible isn't evidence!

It's not difficult to authenticate evidence before trial. My course shows you how.

I've won several cases using timely objections to prevent opponents from offering evidence they planned to offer at the last moment - evidence they could have easily authenticated before trial if they'd known what my course explains.

I won.
They lost.
Authenticate before trial.

If you do what I teach in my popular course, you may avoid the necessity of going to trial altogether.

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