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January 30, 2012 

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The Game of LawHow to Win the Game of Law ...

There are two (2) kinds of law!
( From "How to Win in Court" Course )
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If you want to win, you must know this.
Too many good folks lose believing "the law" is on their side, but have no idea there are two (2) kinds of law!
Even if one kind is on your side", you lose if you don't know both kinds and how to use them tactically!
Most losers never know why they lost. They blame the judge. They blame the justice system. They blame the party on the other side. They seldom blame themselves for assuming they knew all they needed to win.
They could have won, if they knew BOTH kinds of law and how to use them tactically!
Take foreclosure, for example. You may give a lender all those required federal notices without receiving a single reply as required by law. You think your case is golden. The "law" is on your side ... but do you know the other kind of law and how to use it tactically?
Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepYou may fight over taxes, breach of contract, lost wages, child custody, or something else, and you know "the law is on your side" ... but do you know the other kind of law and how to use it tactically?.
There are two (2) kinds of law!
The first we call "substantive law". This determines the outcome of a case based on admissible evidence.
The second kind we call "the rules of court". The rules determine what admissible evidence will be considered, who gets to talk, what issues will be heard, etc.
The Rules of Court are, simply:
  • The Rules of Procedure
  • The Rules of Evidence
And, they're easy to learn!
Too many good people foolishly rush into court demanding the judge enforce substantive law in their favor without knowing the first thing about the rules of court or how to use them tactically).
They're like someone sitting down to play a game of cards and being dealt a winning hand, without knowing the first thing about the rules of the game or how to use the rules tactically to win.
It doesn't matter if you have the winning hand (i.e., substantive law) if you don't know the rules of court and how to use them tactically to win.
Those who know how to use the rules tactically do win consistently!
Those who don't lose ... consistently!
Do you know how to draft proper pleadings, file effective motions, set hearings, make objections that stick, force the judge to do what's right, ... ?
Do you know how to find your evidence, get your evidence admitted, keep your opponent's evidence excluded, cross-examine witnesses, ... ?
Don't assume you'll win because "the law is on your side".
Imagine three chess players:
  • Player #1 doesn't yet know the rules
  • Player #2 knows how to move the pieces but doesn't know how to move them tactically
  • Player #3 has been playing chess 25 years and not only knows how the pieces move but also how to move them tactically to checkmate his opponents
Which are you?
Are you like Player #1 who doesn't yet know the rules? If so, you cannot hope to win!
Are you like Player #2 who knows the rules but doesn't know how to use them tactically?
Would you like to be like Player #3 with 25 years of case-winning experience?
Your choice. Win ... or lose?
Just having "the law on your side" is not enough!
If you don't know how to use the rules tactically to win, you lose!
The people you're up against probably know the rules, but even they may not have 25 years of case-winning experience to master the tactics that you can learn in a single weekend.
Take advantage of my experience and learn how to use the rules tactically to win!
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