Thursday, July 7, 2011

Landmark Federal Court Legislation Marks 100-Year Anniversary

July 6, 2011

It could be said that the modern federal trial courts took shape 100 years ago this year, when Congress enacted the Judicial Code of 1911

The law, which took effect January 1, 1912, did away with the dual trial court system established by the Judiciary Act of 1789. Under it, both district and circuit courts were authorized to hear trials, although the circuit courts served as the most important federal trial courts for more than a century.

The 1911 legislation abolished those circuit courts, and transferred their authority to the district courts under a system that featured only one type of trial court.

You can read more about this historic legislation on the Federal Judicial Center’s website

For those who are wondering WHAT HAPPENED to justice in America, this could be a REALLY good clue.  EVERYTHING that happened after 1910 was implementation of Woodrow Wilson COMMUNISM (called Progressivism -a European invention. Everything about it is unAmerican, corrupt and EVIL).

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