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Parental Rights- New Resources for the Summer of 76

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July 6, 2011

Help Wanted needs the following:
* Local volunteers
* Bakers
* Bloggers
* Petition gatherers
* Party hosts
* District volunteers
* Car washers
* Congregational contacts
* Grillers
* Grassroots lobbyists
* Yard salers
* Donors
* Tweeters
* Organizers
Read about the campaign at right for details.

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New Resources for the Summer of 76
Today is day 3 of our Summer of 76 campaign, spanning 76 days from Independence Day to Constitution Day. Already, many have signed up to help in various areas. Our social networking army will see its first action this weekend and next Monday. (Watch our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to see for yourself!)

In case you missed our email last Thursday, the Summer of 76 campaign is a two-phase effort to promote the Parental Rights Amendment, first by engaging the public and then by engaging the Congress. I urge you to read that email now for all the details.

One aspect of the campaign mentioned briefly last week is that we will be providing resources throughout the summer to help you succeed in your efforts. One very exciting resource will be made available beginning Sunday night, and we will be sure to include it in next week’s email as well so that those of you without Facebook or Twitter will not miss it.

Another collection of resources is available right now. If you liked #2 on last week’s Action Items list – Draw a Crowd – but you aren’t already an expert in running such an event, we have just posted online step-by-step instructions for holding a car wash, a bake sale, and a yard sale. Just click, download, print, and follow the steps to a great opportunity to spread the word about Parental Rights.

The Summer of 76 has just begun, and many of the most exciting parts are still to come: getting a bill number, meeting with congressmen, securing cosponsors, and so on. But now is the time to swell our ranks so that phase 2 in August will have maximum impact. If you aren’t already involved, why not dive in today?
Action Items
Here again is the list from last week's launch:

1. Volunteer at the district or state level. We have been adding state leaders regularly over the past month. Contact yours to get plugged in where you live!

2. Draw a crowd. It doesn't have to be a fund-raiser, though that is doubly good. Any event that draws people is an opportunity to seek petition signatures.

3. Join the social networking army. Just fill out the form here, and I'll send you the inside scoop so you can help us "go public" with new resources throughout the campaign. (Use user name tweeter and password network.)

4. Gather petitions. Grab a pen, a clipboard, and a few petition print-outs, and you're good to go.

5. Become a Congregational Contact. Help us get the word to your church, synagogue, mosque, or other faith community.

6. Schedule a local meeting with your congressman. They'll be back home in August, so plan now to talk with your lawmakers about the Amendment.

7. Donate. Every new resource we provide is made available free of charge, but they are not free to make. Please give as you can to fuel the Summer of 76!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research
P.O. Box 1090 Purcellville, VA 20134 * (540)-751-1200 *

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