Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bring Fathers and Families to Your State

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Fathers and Families
Bring Fathers and Families to Your State
December 12, 2012
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Bring Fathers and Families to Your State
By Rita Fuerst Adams, National Executive Director,
Fathers and Families

Rita Fuerst Adams
Rita Fuerst Adams
My dream for Fathers and Families is to build a strong affiliate in every state. Fathers and Families is on its way to making this a reality. Get ready. We are coming to your state.

With your gift – and enthusiastic volunteers – we are building in Massachusetts, Ohio, California, Georgia, Kentucky, and Washington.

Give to bring us to your state.

Massachusetts, where we started, is leading the way. We secured a place for our founder, Ned Holstein, on Governor Deval Patrick’s Working Group on Child-Centered Family Law. The legislature is looking to this Working Group for its recommendations on massively overhauling family law, and Ned is advocating for shared parenting.

The Massachusetts Executive Committee, seventeen dedicated volunteers, led by Alan Cooke and Deanna Marchand, turned out our membership for the Massachusetts Trial Court hearings on Child Support Guidelines. It is keeping up the pressure with our sixty volunteer legislative liaisons who are personally contacting their state senator and representative to demand change. And, of course, many of you responded to our call to action and placed calls to the Governor and Chief Justice Robert Mulligan, and wrote letters to Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray.

Fathers and Families is your voice in family law. Fathers and Families continues to grow and so does the strength of your voice. We want to start our next affiliate in your state.

Preserving the bond between parents and children,
Rita Fuerst Adams, MBA
National Executive Director

PS Give to make shared parenting the norm in every state. Give to strengthen Fathers and Families in your state; or to bring it to your state.

Fathers and Families' 2012 Accomplishments.

If you wish to make your gift with securities, please contact Rita at 617.542.9300 ext. 3, or email. to transfer directly to Fathers and Families brokerage account.
In the News
Ned Holstein
Ned Holstein, MS, MD
Founder & Chairman of the Board

Excessive child support orders are the result in part of an archaic way of thinking, namely, that the wellbeing of the child is solely bound up in the wellbeing of the custodial parent and her home. And that the circumstances of the non-custodial parent matter little or not at all to the wellbeing of the child. Social science over the past 30 years has thoroughly repudiated this concept.

When the amount of child support constitutes a windfall to the recipient, it creates active resistance to shared parenting so as to obtain a sole custody decision and the money that goes with it. Multiple studies have shown that shared parenting is the arrangement that children most desire and in which they do best, so Guidelines that incentivize battles for sole custody harm children.

Fathers and Families
Fathers and Families
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