Saturday, December 15, 2012

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Nearly half of all voters want their state to set up its own health care exchange to help implement President Obama's national health care law. Roughly half the states, however, have already chosen not to do so. In those states, voters are evenly divided. Read More 
One-in-three Likely U.S. Voters (34%) now prefer a larger government with more services and higher taxes to one with fewer services and lower taxes. That's up 10 points from a month ago and the highest level of support for bigger government in over six years of regular surveying. Read More

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This weekend, noted economist Lawrence Kudlow says that the attitude in Washington towards entrepreneurs is more damaging to the economy than slightly higher tax rates. Kudlow also says the term "fiscal cliff" is overheated and perhaps should be called a "fiscal slope." Then we'll switch gears as I welcome back to the program Democratic strategist and CATALINA magazine founder Cathy Areu and Republican strategist DeeDee Benkie to discuss immigration.

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Noon Eastern: 29% Have Finished Their Holiday Shopping

3 p.m. Eastern: Just 11% Rate 2012 As Excellent or Best Ever

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