Saturday, December 15, 2012

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Rasmussen Reports
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Michigan's sudden legislative decision to declare itself a right-to-work state has prompted angry protests from President Obama and organized labor, but voters by a two-to-one margin think right-to-work laws are good for a state economically. Read More 
Having survived the Supreme Court and the November elections, President Obama's health care law now faces an even bigger hurdle: the reality of making it work. Read More 
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What America Thinks
This week, I'll sit down with the man some in Washington blame for the fiscal cliff deadlock--Grover Norquist. The President of Americans for Tax Reform says his pledge will save voters and Republicans in Congress from mistakes the GOP has made in the past. Norquist also challenges Mitt Romney's 47% comment and says that every American is already paying taxes. Finally, Emily Tisch Sussman, Executive Director of Young Democrats of America, and Guy Benson, political editor of, look at social issues and the youth vote.

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Noon Eastern: 73% Say Government Should Cut Spending to Help Economy

3 p.m. Eastern: 37% Are Conservative on Fiscal Issues, Socially Liberal

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