Thursday, November 29, 2012

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November 29, 2012

Call the Senate, Defeat the Myth

Not only are we still alive in the struggle against the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in the Senate. We are even stronger, thanks to your calls!

No new action took place yesterday. We believe that proponents of the treaty still do not have the votes they need to ratify it – and we are beginning to suspect they cannot get those votes however long they wait.

Still, groups supporting the treaty are continuing to call and to put out misinformation in the social media. Many senators are repeating the same misinformation as well. So today we would like to start taking one of their points away from them.

Who Do I Call?

We would ask that you contact your own senators. If your senator is on this list of 36, please contact them by email rather than by phone, and thank them for voting “No” on Tuesday. In addition, we encourage emails (rather than phone calls) to Senator Roberts of Kansas and to Senator Hatch of Utah. While you cannot thank these gentlemen for a “No” vote on Tuesday (1 voted “Yes” and 1 was absent), you can thank them for standing in opposition to this treaty and encourage them to stand strong.

If your senators are not on the list above, we ask that you call them. (To find their number, click on your state here.) If they support the treaty, ask them why. If they give you the myth that it will help Americans overseas, here is how you can defeat it.

How Do I Defeat the Myth?

Many senators are telling their constituents that we need this treaty so that Americans who travel abroad will be protected by ADA-type standards. Many disability groups are saying the same thing.

So when you call your senators today, if you have at any point heard them (or their staff) use this argument, please call them out on it. Here is what to say (in your own words):

I understand that Senator ______ believes that this treaty will protect Americans with disabilities when they live or travel abroad. Can you please tell me which section of the treaty contains this protection? Lawyers I trust tell us there is no such language in the treaty. Can you read it to me?

U.S. ratification of a treaty only binds the United States – no one else. So pick up the phone and fire away. But still be courteous. The truth is on your side; you can afford to be nice!

Thank you for continuing with us to defeat this treaty.


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

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