Monday, November 26, 2012

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November 26, 2012

URGENT: Press Conference Imminent; Read, Sign, and Call


ParentalRights.Org President Michael Farris, Utah Senator Mike Lee, and former Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum will host a press conference this afternoon to highlight opposition to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

A large number of disability organizations and veterans organizations have already gone on record in support of this treaty, hoping it will improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities around the world.

Frankly, they have been sold a bill of goods. They are unaware of the dangers the CRPD poses to the parental rights of those with disabilities or whose children have disabilities. And they appear to be unaware of the impact it would have on American sovereignty – our ability to make laws for ourselves.

We have set up three petitions to communicate to the Senate that these organizations do not speak for all of us. If you have not yet done so, we would urge you to sign one (or more, if applicable) of these petitions right now – before you close this email. It will take about a minute.

Petition for Persons with disabilities and their families: If someone in your family suffers a disability, please sign this petition! We currently have more than 8,800 signatures, but our goal is to reach 10,000 in time for this afternoon’s press conference.

Veterans Petition: For all veterans, whether or not you suffer a disability. Help us communicate that although veterans organizations support the CRPD, they do not speak for all veterans.

General petition: Whether or not you can sign one of the above petitions, please sign this one, too. This is for every concerned American who would urge the Senate to reject ratification of the CRPD.

A reception has been scheduled for Dec. 4 to honor former Senator Bob Dole for his work on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1991 and the CRPD. We suspect proponents of the treaty will want to honor him by calling for treaty passage before that event.

So, once you have signed the petition above, please take another moment to call your senators and urge them to oppose ratification of the CRPD. You can find their D.C. office numbers by clicking on your state here, or call the Capitol Switchboard at 212-224-3121 and ask for their office by name.

Tell them in your own words that the CRPD will surrender parental rights for those with disabilities or for children with disabilities, by making the government responsible to determine what is best for each child. Loving parents can better make life-changing decisions for a child than the government can.

Tell them, too, that American lawmakers did a great job with the Americans with Disabilities Act, making us a leader in disability rights. We do not need to pass off our law-making authority to a U.N. committee under this treaty. We don’t need other nations setting our domestic policy. We became the world leader by setting our own course, not by following everyone else’s.

Thank you for taking immediate action to help us halt this dangerous treaty.


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

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