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The Real Culprit

The Real Culprit
by Dr. M. Sidney Wallace

Over half of the population holds the opinion that the current occupant of the White House is as bad as Joseph Stalin reincarnated and the largest minority thinks he is the Messiah.  A large part of the population believes that half of the justices of the Supreme Court are communist and another part thinks the others are doddering old fools. The majority of the population thinks that members of Congress are, at best, incompetent yet these same people continually reelect their representative back to Congress.  The majority of the population thinks that Senators are nothing but congressman with seniority or fancier offices.  That they spend their days in long leisurely breakfast, followed by elegant lunch meetings, followed by late night dining at wine tasting events.  The public at large think that lobbyists roam the halls of congress and the government bureaucracy passing out bags of money to unsuspecting individuals eagerly looking for a quick route to personal wealth.

This writer can agree the current occupant of the White House is completely incompetent and his job performance is a disgrace; however, the other candidate in the 2008 election would have been just as ineffective.  The last two justices added to the supreme court should have been rejected because of gross political prejudice on their part.  The current congress is unable to get anything accomplished not for not trying, but because of ignorance of the public on the complete idiocy of liberalism.

Who is the real culprit?  The public press

For this essay I consider the public press to be made up of reporters and journalists.  Let's look at each one individually. 

A journalist collects just enough information to support his or her opinion and then provides their  account of the events.  Depending on the factual information the journalist decides to use the essay may, or may not, bear any resemblance to the truth.  Most journalists start out as reporters where they learn how to find basic facts and then write a coherent report.  Along the way they start thinking that it is their job to make things better and they start to write articles and columns advocating a specific point of view or candidate because the feel that they know what is best for their readers. 

On the other hand, a reporter gathers facts and information on a subject and then provides a report on the facts of the issue.  They report all of the facts as they find them without a specific point of view.  They take no opinion on their output product. Their readers are allowed to make their own decisions based on the facts of the issue. 

The winner of the 2008 presidential election had virtually all of liberal, elitist journalist on his side.  These journalists simply generated so much obfuscation that they completely covered up all of the factual reports of their candidate.  In the upcoming 2012 presidential elections the elite national journalist are once again covering up for the traitorous actions of the current president.  This one man single handedly allowed 4 Americans to be murdered and did absolutely nothing to help.  Now the national television and print media are covering his Benghazi incompetence just so he can remain in office and continue his destruction of American society and conversion to a socialistic form of life.

The United States was founded with the concept of a "free press."  The current national press is no longer free, they are a captive of their ideology. As a citizen of the United States voters have a responsibility to search out the facts on candidates and then vote their conscious on who will be best for the nation in the long run.  When you approach your decision on this election please gather facts and not opinions as to which candidate will serve the interest of the nation best. The choice is very simple.  Return to a government that has proven over the past 200 years to improve the quality of life for all, or establish a new type of government that has always proven to fail whenever it has been tried.

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