Monday, July 15, 2013

Child Welfare Information Gateway Library in June

Child Welfare Information Gateway
July 15, 2013
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Below is a list of new publications that were added to Child Welfare Information Gateway Library in June

Title: Child and Family Services Policy Manual: Substitute Care for Children: Placement in Unlicensed Kinship Care.
Published: 2013
Abstract: Regulations are presented for the placement of Montana children in kinship care. The definition of kinship care is provided, followed by regulations that address: emergency ...

Title: Report to the Legislature: Child Welfare Services Automation Study.
Published: 2012

Abstract: This report contains an assessment of the business needs of the California Child Welfare System of services (CWS), an assessment of the existing system, an ...

Title: S.B. 758 Foster Care Capacity-Building Progress Report.
Published: 2012

Abstract: The Child Protective Services (CPS) Improvement Plan, as outlined in S.B. 758 Section 51 Subdivision (8) Subsection (b), must include expanding the quality and capacity ...

Title: Performance Audit: Department of Economic Security, Division of Children, Youth and Families, Child Protective Services: In-Home Services Program.
Published: 2012

Abstract: This report presents the findings of a performance audit of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Division of Children, Youth and Families-Child Protective Services' In-Home ...

Title: DBHS Practice Guideline: Psychiatric Best Practice for Children: Birth to Five Years of Age.
Published: 2012
Abstract: Intended for Tribal/Regional Behavioral Health Authorities and their subcontracted network and provider agency behavioral health staff, this protocol defines best practice guidelines for psychiatric evaluation ...

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