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The 3 Magic Words in a Relationship
If the three magic words in real estate are location, location, location, then the three magic words in relationships are communication, communication, communication. But just as some locations are more desirable than others, some types of communication are more fruitful than others. Time to talk the talk...

Jump Into a Healthier Lifestyle
In Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, Dr. Claudia Welch outlines 11 things that can help us jump start a healthier lifestyle.

How to Choose Happiness
Happiness researcher and positive psychologist Ilona Boniwell completed a study of over 1,000 people who were asked, “What does happiness mean to you?” What was interesting is that 56% of the respondents equated happiness with contentment.

How to Prevent Anxiety Avalanches
Joyce Marter, LCPC sees “anxiety avalanches” all the time in her practice. People have a negative thought and then start packing on other related worries and fears. Soon, that negative thought gains size and momentum, like an enormous snowball growing rapidly as it rolls down a hill.

Cheating: Why Women Stay
Here are seven reasons to consider why women decide to stay with their cheating mate.

News & Views

Mom's Depression Tied to Childhood Obesity
In low-income urban families, a mother’s depression is linked to childhood obesity and disengaged parenting. The new study has implications for moms at risk for depression.

Recently Divorced Women Significantly Happier
Once a divorce is finalized, women become much more happy and satisfied with their lives — a finding that contradicts a study by a conservative think tank.

Women’s Sexual Dysfunction Linked to Abnormal Blood Flow in Brain
Investigators discovered pre-menopausal women who aren’t interested in sex and are unhappy about it have distinctive blood flow patterns in their brains in response to explicit videos, compared to women with normal sexual function.

Technology to Replace Passwords Fails User Tests
New password-replacement technologies don't meet people's expectations -- so people don't use them.

Eating Fish During Pregnancy
Linked to Lower Anxiety

Expectant mothers who never eat seafood are more likely to have high levels of anxiety than women who eat it often.

Honey, I Tweeted the Kids
Many parents are digital converts, not digital natives, but that should not stop them from connecting with their children over social media.

Pot Not Only Drug Linked to Schizophrenia
Psychosis that results from the use of several types of illegal drugs is strongly associated with a future clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia.

World of Psychology

Dealing With Mental Health Stigma, Prejudice
Bugged by prejudice? Don’t take it personally. If someone says something stupid, the worst thing you can do is react defensively. A defensive response empowers the other person’s words. It presumes you are threatened by the response, which suggests there is some truth in it. And the more defensive you get, the more confident (and stupid) the other person becomes.

3 Tips for Using Exercise to Shrink Anxiety
We know that exercise is a boon for our mental, physical and emotional health. And it’s particularly helpful for easing anxiety.

Dealing With Critical or Negative People
Critical people can be particularly hard to deal with. They have the ability to change the moods of others in an instant, finding one problem or issue after another. If we know this is an individual’s personality, we try to avoid them, but this isn’t always possible.

What to Do With Worry Thoughts
The more we try to squelch a thought, the bigger and bothersome it becomes. So how can you deal with these kinds of intrusive, troublesome thoughts?

Nice Guys Finish Last: An Excuse Without Meaning
Nice guys finish last. That’s one of the expressions you hear that’s typically unleashed when a guy feels some kind of rejection from a girl. He’s quite baffled since he is “nice” and all. Or is he?

Best of our Blogs

Life After College Graduation: The Lies
(Panic About Anxiety) – If there is one life event that can cause anxiety, it’s college graduation. No longer is life divided up by semesters (with breaks in between), exams, house parties and your favorite soap opera. And thanks to a shaky job market, many college grads have lots of loans to pay back and few prospects for a good job.

Fearing the Future
(Living with Chronic Pain) – Fear often arises after a negative event such as a serious illness. This blog presents the fears of a young woman who is living with chronic pain. She is worried for the future and she presents very good questions about what the future will hold for her as she learns to live with the pain.

Recovering From Alcoholism and Depression
(Depression on My Mind) - The first step of any 12-step program is to admit you are powerless over something and that your life has become unmanageable.

Google Autocomplete and Our Anxiety
(Panic About Anxiety) – What are people anxious about? We go to Google and type in different phrases that lead to a dropdown menu full of anxieties. And if Google Autocomplete is capturing these phrases, that is a sign you are not alone in your anxieties.

Don't 'Should' On Yourself
(NLP Discoveries) - Years ago a friend of Mike Bundrant was trying to reduce stress and heard that telling yourself that you should or should not only creates more stress. Should you avoid using the word “should?"

Bipolar Disorder and Meditation
(Her Bipolar Life) - When someone is being treated for bipolar disorder, their psychiatrists often recommend a strict diet and regular exercise to help combat the depression, anxiety, and mood swings that come with the illness. The use of meditation is another way that many people deal with the troubling symptoms of depression and mania.

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No Answers
I was told by a psychiatrist that once assessed me that it seems that since I don’t know what happened to me in the past (being shuffled from home to...

Why Am I Angry?
I get short, testy and sometimes even angry when I get questioned by my girlfriend. I honestly think I’m never wrong (although I know I am sometimes). She is just...

Family or Individual Therapy?
I am bipolar, married but separated. I want to get my family back. My 5-year-old stepson is in therapy as well as my wife and I. We all...

Medication Side Effects
My brother is schizophrenic, my other brother killed himself, then there’s me. All meds, hospitals, etc, TMS, etc…. I take my meds; if I do not, I feel physically frozen....

Worried I'm a Sociopath
I’m 14. For the past couple of months, I have been dropping hints to my parents that I want to see a psychiatrist but they don’t really take me seriously...

She Thinks I'm Dangerous
Hello, to start off, how this trouble started was a party in my house. That party was for my brother’s baby shower. Well my brother invited my girlfriend and her family....

Should I See a Specialist?
Okay, I’ve been pretty sure that I’ve had some kind of psychological disorder for almost three years now, since I was 16. I haven’t been to a specialist as such...

I'm Lost
I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been through some stuff. For starters I am an immigrant in the U.S. I’ve been made fun of because of that a...

Trouble Getting Help
I am aware that I have some serious problems that need attention. I have a very dark past, which I could spend a lot of time elaborating on but no...

Unstable Emotions
I’m 16. I’ve been so angry lately and so sad I don’t know why I’m fine when I’m alone but when someone talks to me or I’m with someone...

What's Best Thing to Do?
Recently, My mother had a talk with my brother because he has been thinking of jumping off the top of a building. I think she made him feel a little...

Boyfriend is Distant
So I am 18 and I am with this guy. He is really cool and I enjoy spending time with him. But lately I don’t know if i have to...

Facing Eating Disorder
Last year I got influenced by an anorexic friend and I started experiencing eating disorder symptoms. I binged & starved & eventually ended up purging as well. I went to...

Choosing Right Treatment
If I got it right DSM-5 and ICD-10 are the manuals for diagnosing people. These manuals do not speak about how to actually help people after giving them the diagnosis....

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VIDEO SPECIAL: Bullied Children Explain the Pain
This touching video by comedian and anti-bullying advocate Michael Pritchard is painful to watch yet at the same time, inspiring. While there has been a bullying-awareness backlash as more and more behaviors get labeled “bullying,” we must remember: real bullying does indeed cause real pain.

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