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Optimists & Pessimists: Key Differences
The defining characteristic of pessimists is that they tend to believe bad events will last a long time, will undermine everything they do, and are their own fault. The optimists, who are confronted with the same hard knocks of this world, tend to believe defeat is just a temporary setback, that its causes are confined to this one case.

The Attraction to Unavailable People
Taking up with someone who is already married, or who does not want to be tied down, or who lives several thousand miles away seems so unlikely to succeed. And yet for some people that is their typical relationship scenario.

Feeling Unlovable
A feeling of being unlovable is the attitude that one is not now, never has been, and never will be lovable to any member of the same or opposite sex. This feeling can be a cancer of the personality, a mental melanoma and a malignancy of the spirit.

Learn to Love Small Changes
Change is scary for many people and, for us sensitive types, it can be a little scarier. This blogger explains why it is important to step out of our comfort zone and gives practical tips on how to start.

Strength, Invisible Illness, and Chronic Pain
This blogger suffers from chronic pain and writes about how hard it is to show people that she is in pain... because she looks healthy. She struggles between wanting people to understand what she is feeling and asking for help when she needs it — without being perceived as weak and helpless.

News & Views

Binge Eating May Signal
Anxiety, Depression and Suicide Risk

A new study of African-American girls finds that body dissatisfaction can lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, and an increased risk for suicide. Western culture places a significant focus on appearance, especially among girls and women -- which drives many to develop eating behavioral problems.

Sleep Quality Tied to Skin Aging
A new UK study has discovered an association between sleep quality, skin function and aging.

Optimism Helps Manage Stress Hormones
Emerging findings show that the stress hormone cortisol tends to be more stable in those with more positive personalities.

Antioxidants Can Block Benefits of Exercise
New research suggests that resveratrol, a natural antioxidant compound found in red grapes and other plants, blocks many of the cardiovascular benefits of exercise.

Breastfeeding May Protect Kids Against ADHD
There's yet another possible benefit from breastfeeding — protection against attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Benefits of Drinking May Be Overstated for Many
As a class, people who don’t drink at all have a higher mortality risk than light drinkers. But nondrinkers are a diverse group, and the reasons people have for abstaining affects their individual mortality risk.

Bipolar Patients Die Nearly a Decade Earlier
Females with bipolar disorder die an average of nine years earlier than the general population, and males an average of eight-and-a-half years earlier.

World of Psychology

3 Deep-Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety
Therese J. Borchard says deep breathing has become increasingly important in her recovery from depression and anxiety. Why? Because she recognizes that shallow breath contributes her panic. In fact, during her worst hours, she would resort to using a paper bag to keep from hyperventilating.

Cory Monteith: A Wake-Up Call About Relapse
Alex Zaphiris, MD, says most of his drug-addicted patients are much like the late Glee actor, Cory Monteith, who died after overdosing on heroin and alcohol. They're high-functioning lawyers, computer programmers, housewives, construction workers and entrepreneurs. And they're prone to relapse.

Enjoying the Little Things in Life
What’s so great about the little things in life? They are what we will remember and appreciate when we reflect on days gone by.

How to Prop Up Your Sagging Spirit
You’ve had a day in which nothing has gone right. It was a struggle from the get-go. Every bone in your body was shouting, ”Stay in bed, fool. This is not going to be your day.” But did you listen? Not a chance.

Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Rules for Writing Fiction
Here are Kurt Vonnegut’s rules for Creative Writing 101. Rule #1: Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.

Best of our Blogs

Walling Ourselves Off
(Mind Matters, Neuroscience & Consciousness) – This blog looks at how many have cut themselves off from the idea of the spiritual, that realm where belief in a higher power is itself a highly emotional experience. We are reminded that spirituality allows us to ponder big questions that encourage further exploration and step outside of our physical senses.

Uncovering Emotional Triggers
(Parenting Tips) – We all have emotional triggers and have watched someone react to an emotional trigger. This blog explains the physical component of these triggers and how we can become more aware of them so we stop reacting in unhealthy ways.

Learning How to THINK Wisely
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Many of us tend to react to things, especially when they challenge what we believe to be true and right. But sometimes it is important to step away from our initial feelings and ask why we feel the way we do and if those feelings are appropriate.

3 Actions to Help Overcome Suicidal Thoughts
(Channel N) - In this video, consumer advocate Pat Risser speaks about his experiences with suicidal thoughts and feelings -- and the three main actions that helped him cope.

Bipolar Recovery: 5 Years, 5 Themes
(Her Bipolar Life) - Here are the five most important themes of Kat Dawkins bipolar recovery journey... so far.

Understanding "Triggers" for Addiction
(Sex and Intimacy) - One of the questions most commonly asked by addicts and their families is: Why is it so darn hard to stay sober?

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Brother is Inappropriately Sexual
I have a 15 year old brother who looks up to me. He claims to be scared of the dark. Usually after watching a scary movie he would ask me...

Mother Makes Me Depressed
My mom seems like a very miserable person and I believe that she takes all her rage out on me — not physically, but emotionally. She says hurtful comments like calling...

Partner Doesn't Trust Me
Me and my partner have been together 4 years now and been engaged for two, I love him so much and I know he loves me too but for some...

Severe Long-Term Loneliness
My name is Jessica, a 24-year old San Diego native and transgender woman. I am here today to purge my thoughts that have been building up from sheer utter loneliness....

Abusive Family Causing Trouble
This eventually got to me and I became suicidal at age 8. I cried and prayed every night that I would die in a terrible accident. I eventually swallowed a...

Jealous of Friend
For some reason I start getting angry whenever my best friend talks to this other girl at school. This has been going on for about 8 weeks (that’s just a...

Intrusive Thoughts
My boyfriend is 31 and I met him when he was 28. He was very social and relaxed but at that time we both were going out more on the...

$100K RV Causing Anxiety
My husband is very anxious since we just purchased a new Recreational vehicle. He’s lost a great deal of weight. He doesn’t understand where the anxiety is coming from. He’s...

Feeling Unreal
As an introduction, I need to say that English is not my native language, and so there will probably be some mistakes in my message, although I will try my...

Girlfriend Acting Distant
Ok, here goes…I am dating a young woman (26) for a couple of months. She told me she was molested by her grandfather as a child and was raped 4 years ago. She saw...

Other Disorders Too?
I suffer from depression and I am schizophrenic. But, I wanted to know if I have any other mental issues. I feel a constant need for attention from some people...

Dad Verbally Abuses Mom
My dad is verbally abusive to my mom. They have been married for 30 years. When they got married, he prevented her from continuing her education and made her become...

Brother Needs Specialized Care
I have two parents in their mid-80s and a 51-year-old brother afflicted with schizoaffective disorder living with them. The stress on my parents is incredible, and even though...

Social Anxiety & Parenting
Hi. I really need some help. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I do know that I am very depressed but I think it could be more that depression....

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