Sunday, July 14, 2013

US Observer Alert

The IRS Is At It Again...
Boston Family Faces Destruction

By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Boston Massachusetts – 51 year old Thomas Curry of Boston started his family 19 years ago after he had established his business, and thus his ability to provide for them. Tom and his wife Stella had two beautiful daughters and Tom’s landscaping business continued to flourish due to his dedication and work ethic. They purchased a middle-class home and began saving for their daughter’s college and what they forecast to be a moderate retirement. They were succeeding with this effort due in large part to their very modest life-style. However, their hard work and their dreams were soon to be shattered...
Read the whole story and then demand accountability!

BREAKING!!! We called it! Zimmerman NOT Guilty. Read the article that explains why...

Falsely Accused of a Crime? Contact Us Today!
Everyday, people are charged with crimes they didn't commit. From small infractions to rape and even murder, people are forced to defend themselves from these false allegations or face stiff penalties and even prison. People rarely, if ever, stop to consider the injustice currently taking place within our justice system, regarding criminal/civil arenas and right down to traffic court, until they become a target/victim.
Typically, the first call made by those facing false charges is to a lawyer. It's a mistake that generally ends with a plea bargain being rammed right down the throat of the innocent person - not to mention the top dollar paid to their attorney for their "defense."
If there are any defense attorneys out there with a winning record beyond a 50% win-to-loss ratio, we would like to hear from you! Keep in mind, pleading someone out is not a win.
It is imperative that innocent victims of the system know that they have another option - really, the only option - in the US~Observer. We do the work that attorneys fail to do or that their convoluted “bar rules” prohibit them from doing.
Forward this to everyone you know; post us on Facebook; Tweet us. Help us vindicate the innocent!
And, if you know of anyone who is facing charges, have them call us immediately - 541-474-7885.
Has some scam artist stolen your money, have you been enticed to invest in a scam or Ponzi Scheme? Pick up the phone and call us…
Also, if you are facing unwarranted civil issues, give us a call. Don't let an attorney soak you dry, before leaving you defeated and often flat broke.
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