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Sept. 9, 2014

Farris: New Foundation To Support Parental Rights

Dear Champion of Parental Rights,

I write to share with you an exciting opportunity to advance the cause of parental rights in a new and important way. And I need your help to make it happen.

Our goal remains focused. We want to place permanent protections for parental rights into the Constitution of the United States. We have also advanced selective interim goals that are vitally important, including the defeat of United Nations treaties that would harm parental liberties.

Our efforts thus far have been focused on getting people who support parental rights to call their elected officials to enact legislation.

It has become apparent that we need to devote additional efforts to informing the American public about our issue. If more parents know the true state of parental rights in our law and judicial practice, then more parents will join in our efforts to protect parental liberty.

Our efforts will be successful only when enough parents wake up, stand up, and speak up.

Accordingly, we have decided to launch a project to dramatically expand both our research and public communications on parental rights. is a 501(c)(4) organization. That means that the organization itself is tax exempt, but because we do a lot of lobbying, we cannot grant tax deductions to our donors.

Education, research, and litigation, however, can legitimately be funded by organizations that are both non-profit and tax deductible.

So we are launching a sister organization: Parental Rights Foundation. This foundation will be a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible. It will not engage in lobbying but only in research, education, and other activities appropriate for such organizations.

The Parental Rights Foundation will allow us to:

  • Produce scholarly “White Papers” on various aspects of parental rights
  • File “friend of the court” briefs to provide legal insight to judges in important cases such as that of the Pelletiers in Massachusetts
  • Conduct public campaigns through seminars, meetings, social media, and traditional press to ensure that a far greater percentage of parents and policymakers understand the threats that are rising daily in our nation
  • Produce new articles, videos, and blogs that can be shared through social media to help our grassroots members participate in this new campaign of public awareness and education
While we have been educating the public and policymakers to some degree already, our capacity to do so is limited by lack of resources.

Both organizations will need funding, because will continue our growing legislative and lobbying efforts. But launching the Foundation will allow a substantial part of our efforts to come through gifts that are tax deductible.

Whenever I speak to live audiences about parental rights, the response is strong and positive. When people learn the truth, they want to help.

It is impossible for me to physically stand before enough audiences to educate all the people we need. We must expand our educational efforts in a big way.

My hope is that the Parental Rights Foundation will become the leading authority for parental rights policy in America, the go-to place for everyone from parents to educators to lawmakers.

Educating the public will lead to more widespread support. And the support of the American public is essential for a project of this magnitude.

Will you help me with this effort? For the first time, we can offer you a tax deduction for any gift that you are able to make to help us launch the Parental Rights Foundation.

In order to hit our launch goals – to crank up our research, get our first articles written, and launch a new website to feature the results – I need to raise $100,000 for the Foundation! If you can, send your best gift to help get this effort off the ground.

When people learn the truth about governmental attacks on families, they will respond. People will get it: If the government attacks one good family, they can attack my family as well.

If we want to protect our freedom, we need more informed allies. The Parental Rights Foundation is the tool that can help us achieve that end.

Thank you!


Michael Farris

P.S. We have a groundbreaking opportunity. The Parental Rights Foundation will be the only national organization in the United States dedicated to promoting parental rights policies based on time-tested principles of freedom. It could change the face of parental rights in America. Please, if there’s any way you can, help us launch the Foundation with your most generous tax deductible gift toward our $100,000 goal.

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