Thursday, October 2, 2014

E-News: National Survey of Child Welfare Spending

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Report on Child Welfare Spending
National survey finds first spending decline

For the first time in nearly 20 years, total spending on child welfare in the U.S. has declined. Our new report summarizes key findings from a national survey of states' child welfare expenditures. Child welfare agencies use federal, state, and local funds to provide services to prevent abuse and neglect, preserve families, protect children, and place children outside of their homes when necessary. Track the money that funds this important work.
Trend Lines Blog
How to evaluate school-based initiatives
Increasingly, schools are implementing initiatives meant to improve students' social, emotional, and academic outlook. But how can they know whether these programs work? Evaluation is critical, but not all evaluations are useful. In our latest blog post, Deborah Temkin offers five points to consider when evaluating school-based initiatives.
Teen Health
Profiles of teens who aren't in good health
Health during adolescence can impact later educational, social, and economic success. This brief describes the family, neighborhood, and personal characteristics of teens who are in poor health, compared with those of healthier teens. Teens in fair or poor health are more likely to be disengaged from school, and more likely to have parents who are also in fair or poor health.
Early Childhood
Using early care and education measures with dual language learners
The number of dual language learners in early care and education programs is increasing. This review of research literature, co-authored by Child Trends' Tamara Halle, examines whether measures of the quality of early care and education settings reflect the needs of the diverse groups of children in these settings.
Scaling effective interventions
Despite extensive financial investment in scaling evidence-based programs and practices, scaled programs can produce poor outcomes. How can we replicate effective programs and practices under real-world conditions? That's the question Dr. Dean Fixsen of the National Implementation Research Network will address in this PerformWell webinar. Child Trends is a PerformWell partner.
Tuesday, October 14, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. ET

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