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September 04, 2013
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Below is a list of new publications that were added to Child Welfare Information Gateway Library in August
Title: Navigating "Illegality": Undocumented Youth and Oppositional Consciousness.
Author(s): Negrón-Gonzales, Genevieve.
Published: 2013
Journal Name: Children and Youth Services Review
v. 35, 8, August 2013, p. 1284-1290
Available from: Elsevier
Abstract: In recent years, a vibrant political movement has emerged, led by a sector previously thought to be too vulnerable to engage in public protest-undocumented youth. ...

Title: Improving Permanency for African American Families in Los Angeles.
Author(s): Chiamulera, Claire.
Published: 2013
Journal Name: ABA Child Law Practice
v. 32, 3, April 2013, p. 49-51
Available from: ABA Center on Children and the Law
Abstract: Court-related barriers and child welfare system barriers that interfere with permanency for African American children in the child welfare system are identified and include: unwelcoming ...

Title: Child Welfare: Organizational Climate Can Affect Youth Outcomes.
Author(s): Duder, Sydney.
Published: 2013
Abstract: This research brief discusses findings from a study that analyzed the relationships between organizational climate in child welfare systems, the casework services provided, and the ...

Title: Trauma-Focused Child-Parent Psychotherapy in a Community Pediatric Clinic: A Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration (Article 6 in Attachment-Based Clinical Work with Children and Adolescents).
Author(s): Renschler, Todd S.;Lieberman, Alicia F.;Hernandez Dimmler, Miriam.;Burke Harris, Nadine.
Published: 2013
Available from: Springer
Abstract: This chapter describes a unique model of collaboration between pediatricians and mental health specialists at a pediatric clinic in San Francisco. Pediatricians at the clinic ...

Title: Intervention With Children (Chapter 2 in Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families: Evidence-Informed Assessments and Interventions).
Author(s): Ruffolo, Mary C.;Allen-Meares, Paula.
Published: 2013
Available from: Wiley
Abstract: This chapter identifies key evidence-based practices (EBPs) that are emerging for children with emotional and behavioral problems and their families across child-serving systems. It explores ...

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