Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Psych Search- Scientologist "on a personal mission to expose psychiatric fraud"

Well, are you gonna back me up on this one and fight back?    Will you?  I hope so! 

Time is limited.

1.   You can fight back by first reading this newspaper article:

2.   And then writing to the newspaper and school board whose e-mails are provided here:

3.   If you have Facebook you can also make your statement here:

4.   And then round up your troops and have them commence firing with their communications!

The school board might vote on this Wednesday evening – so let’s get cook’n!

More info:

Wisconsin has always been a hotbed for TeenScreen, especially the Fond Du Lac area.  Even though TeenScreen has shut down, the social workers there still want to use the questions and have been granted permission until next spring!   Ai yai yai!  Of course social workers can always dream up their own 15 or so unscientific questions but these social workers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin want the vilified and tarnished TeenScreen questions!

Seems the social workers are the ones that usually benefit (certainly not the kids) as it gives them a job.

And School Superintendents, too, enjoy screening – perhaps it may corral a few more kids into their special programs which garner extra government funding. This Sup is  trying to convince the school board to spend 35 G’s so these social workers can help him lasso some kids with the horribly introverting TeenScreen suicide questions.  


Ken Kramer

If you want to join the Writing Team - let me know!  I will provide you with targets - you just fire away!

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