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September 04, 2013
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Below is a list of new publications that were added to Child Welfare Information Gateway Library in August
Title: The Emergence of Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Systems.
Author(s): Wilson, Charles E.
Published: 2013
Journal Name: CW360: A Comprehensive Look at a Prevalent Child Welfare Issue
Winter 2013, p. 12-13

Abstract: The following seven elements are recommended for a trauma-informed child welfare system: maximize physical and psychological safety for the child and family, identify trauma-related needs ...

Title: Homeless Youth Emerging from the Child Welfare System.
Author(s): Schneir, Arlene.
Published: 2013
Journal Name: CW360: A Comprehensive Look at a Prevalent Child Welfare Issue
Winter 2013, p. 26

Abstract: A study that compared homeless youth who had been removed from home by child protective services (CPS) with those who had not (n =389) found ...

Title: Nursing Notes [Webpage] / Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.
Published: 2013
Abstract: Nursing Notes, a newsletter developed by DCFS Child Welfare Nurse Specialists for DCFS and POS agency staff. Each issue of this newsletter will provide helpful ...

Title: Child Welfare Outcomes 2008-2011: Report to Congress: Executive Summary
Published: 2013
Available from: Child Welfare Information Gateway
Abstract: Child Welfare Outcomes reports provide information on the performance of States in seven outcome categories. The outcomes used in this report reflect widely accepted performance ...

Title: Resistant Parents and Child Protection: Knowledge Base, Pointers for Practice and Implications for Policy.
Author(s): Tuck, Vick.
Published: 2013
Journal Name: Child Abuse Review
v. 22, 1, January-February 2013, p. 5-19
Available from: Wiley-Blackwell
Abstract: Work with resistant, hostile, non-compliant (including disguised non-compliant) parents and dealing with manipulation and deception is a significant feature of everyday child protection practice. The ...

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