Thursday, September 19, 2013

HSLDA- Wunderlich children home, but…

Wunderlich children home, but…
Dear Colleague ,

German homeschoolers show up to voice their support for the Wunderlichs in front of the Darmstadt family court today.

Dirk and Petra Wunderlich's four children are home. Today, Darmstadt Family Court Judge Malkmus returned Machsejah, Joshua, Hananjah, and Serajah to their parents after they agreed to send their children to a state school. Faced with permanently losing custody of their children, the Wunderlichs had no choice.

We are glad the children are home where they belong. 

They should never have been taken.

Dozens of supporters gathered outside the courthouse to show solidarity with the Wunderlich family and told HSLDA that the children were all smiles as they were reunited with their parents after 21 days in captivity. Dirk and Petra asked me to pass on their deep gratitude for your support. 

Their lawyer told us that your message was heard loud and clear by German judges, the youth workers, and policy makers. At this time it is no longer necessary to contact German officials.

The Wunderlichs’ fight will continue until complete custody is restored and they are permitted to homeschool in peace—either in Germany or elsewhere. 

In the meantime, Thomas and Marit Schaum, a family we recently told you about, face a criminal trial in a few weeks over homeschooling. Prosecutor Joachim Schnitzer Ling is demanding the parents each go to jail for six months.

Germany’s national policy of persecuting homeschooling families must stop. HSLDA is planning to continue the fight for freedom and for the rights of thousands of others in Germany and around the world to homeschool their children. Stay tuned for more action in support of the Wunderlichs and the Schaums in the coming days. 

We invite you to stand with us and the Wunderlichs, Schaums, and other persecuted homeschool families worldwide. By joining HSLDA, you empower us to protect homeschool freedom in the U.S. and expand our work in the global battle for freedom.

Standing with your for liberty,
Michael Farris
HSLDA Founder and Chairman

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