Monday, September 9, 2013

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Thanks for Your Kind and Encouraging Words
September 9, 2013
Dear Friends,

I was totally surprised. Not a single person gave me any hint that this massive birthday surprise effort was underway. It was a wonderful surprise to receive all of the cards and really touching notes and letters.

I am truly grateful for all of you who sent donations to I can think of nothing that I would have liked more (unless one of you could have convinced President Obama to appoint me to the Supreme Court and then get the Senate to confirm me).

I cannot begin to say how much I appreciated all of the notes, letters, cards, photos, and other messages you all sent to me. I read every single one of them—hundreds of them. It was amazing. My wife also read most of them. President Michael Farris President Michael Farris
There were times where I started crying that I was so touched by your letters. (Hey, I am an easy touch for crying. I cry at movies readily—especially John Wayne movies because the acting is so bad.)

Many families told me about how their children were able to be raised in a godly fashion and were now grown and walking with God. Other families told me about their children still at home who had been in dire situations and were now feeling safe and free at home. Grandparents wrote. People I knew thirty years ago wrote. Homeschool pioneers wrote. People who support all parental rights wrote.

There are times when it gets hard to do what I do. There are times when it feels like I get kicked around a bit. When I feel that way in the future, I am going to know there is a box of cards and letters that I can retrieve to remind me that God is at work, and He has given me the great privilege of being involved with other people who want what is right for their children and grandchildren.

I am truly touched and profoundly grateful for this outpouring of thanks and love.

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Michael Farris Founder and President

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