Monday, September 9, 2013

Feminists Have Paved My Way To Success. Really? How?

Feminists Have Paved My Way To Success. Really? How?
Angela McCauley O'Neill
Reposted with permission
1. By growing our government larger and larger with two income households.

2. By taking mothers out of the home and placing children in the hands of strangers to raise.
3. By making it nearly impossible financially for a mother to stay home and raise her own children on one income.
4. By creating a world that can put my husband and the father of my children behind bars based solely on a woman¹s ³allegation,² leaving his family with no protection.

5. By making me look weak, pathetic, needy and dependent ³because² I am a woman.
6. By always making me somehow look like a victim.
7. By creating a world that has made it far more difficult for ³men,² not women, to find jobs so that they can do what they desire, provide for their family.

8. By replacing my father for profit.
9. By breaking down the family and increasing the divorce rate, destroying the lives of children.
10. By creating a world where I ³say² I don¹t need a man, but in fact all I ³do² is tell the world how much I NEED a man and all of his money to survive, because in 2013 I still cannot do it on my own.
11. By creating a world where children get diagnosed with bogus conditions and then drugged by the public school system because you have increased the divorce rate and empowered mothers to rob their children of their fathers.
12. By making me have to pay outrageous taxes to fund the welfare system to single-mother households because you have destroyed marriage and families.

13. By creating sexist, feminist-created discriminatory laws, special interests and agendas against men and fathers, so that you put my father, my brothers, my male friends, and loved ones at risk.
14. By increasing the male suicide rate and taking male loved ones from their families.

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    Angela McCauley O'Neill maintains the web site Voice For Accountability where she speaks out against the ravages imposed on society by radical feminist ideology. She can also be found on Facebook at
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Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Why does everybody have to make this a gender thing when it is a moral thing. There are good and bad on both genders. Just for the record it was a man who started the whole selling children for profit and his name was Bill Clinton.