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John Murtari- Family Rights Movie, NYC & London / Meeting with Senators

Good People & People of Faith,

         A lot of activity in the past week (full details below).   Looking forward to meeting the staff's of Senators Schumer & Gillibrand this Thursday.  We have parents coming from as far as Toronto to attend and discuss fundamental human rights. We should always remind ourselves that Courts & Governments do not create basic rights -- They 'recognize & protect' what already exists.

         Many of you were familiar with the documentary, "Support? System Down."  The Producers have invested more in the film. It's been completely recut & retitled.  "Romeo Missed a Payment" is premiering this week in New York City & London.   I'll be at the New York showing Saturday (Dec 14) and hope to meet some of you there.   I  highly recommend the film for those who have friends & relatives who don't understand what you went through.  It helps people realize how dysfunctional the system is.

Movie Premiers in NYC & London

"Director and father, Angelo Lobo, exposes the wide-ranging devastation of the American divorce industry.  Romeo Misses a Payment documents the complicated world of divorce and child custody through dozen of interviews with parents, attorneys, judge, and law officers on all sides of the issue."   See the trailer!
  • Showing at the AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 Theatre, New York City (Upper west side, about 10 blocks from Central Park) - Dec 13-19
    Two showings daily,  11:20 AM & 12:30 PM.
    Both the Producer, Angelo Lobo, and  John Murtari, interviewed from jail for the documentary, will be present on Saturday, Dec 14th -- Hope to see you there!
  • Showing at the Prince Charles Cinema (Leicester Square), London - Dec 13-19.


On our Petition supporting "The Declaration of Family Rights"

From: F. Christensen <fchriste at>
I support the basic idea behind the petition, but could not support its present wording--there are too many ways to seriously harm and even kill children without malintent, and I find the phrase 'intentional threat' dangerously ambiguous (a person may intentionally perform an action without realizing that it threatens the safety or life of the child). "Child Protective Services" has far too much power and discretion to abuse it, but the case must be made with exceptional care.

All best wishes,
Prof. C.
REPLY:  I recall an actual incident in a small town where I lived.  A parent took their two teenage kids water skiing -- he did not have them wearing life vests (state law).   He was moving his boat to pick up his daughter from the water after a run was completed.  The hull hit her head, knocked her unconscious, and she drown.   Now what?

In this specific case, "they investigated", nothing happened (he was well a well known lawyer in the community) -- but what should have happened?  What do you think?  My thoughts:

He broke the law,  if there is jail time or a fine for him, it should be enforced.  I imagine he could be tried & jailed for 'involuntary manslaughter'. But there was no 'malintent' - no disruption to the relationship with the other child....

One important point, this standard applies only to both parents -- not other people who interact with children. Your thoughts?

I guess I should have made my point more explicit. Alas, there are huge numbers of parents who, through no fault of their own (congenital defect, brain injury or similar trauma, etc.) lack the intelligence or emotional ability (there is a long list of personality disorders, as well as cognitive disorders like schizophrenia) to look after themselves, let alone look after a helpless child. Your intent is good, but I swear your wording needs to be changed to take account of the complexities of life.

Warmest wishes,

Meeting with staff of US Senators Schumer & Gillibrand

Just a reminder, this is scheduled for Thursday, Dec 12th, in Syracuse, NY -- at their offices in the Federal Building.  We plan on meeting in the building cafeteria at app 11:30 AM.  Our first appointment is at 1 PM.   An earlier message with details can be found here.   We can still use a few more moms & dads to attend, Contact me if interested:  jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

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Visiting Schumer - Members of Parental Alienation
Awareness Organization (PAAwareness.Org) 

On our visit to the offices of our Members of Congress, we'll be joined by a few members of PAAO.  "Alienation" is one of the worst results of our current Family Law culture.   Below is from Robert Samery, feel free to contact him for more info on the group.

Parental Alienation Organization (PAAO) was formed in 2006 by Sarvy Emo, a parent of 2 with a fully functional equal parenting plan. She became very concerned with what she saw happening to her boyfriends children through what she came to know as parental alienation. As a result she formed PAAO with the mandate to bring awareness of what at the time was a little known and not well understood form of emotional harm inflicted on children caught in high conflict parenting situations.

Through her dedicated determination to eradicate parental alienation, PAAO has educated hundreds of thousands of children, parents, mental health and family law professionals about the behaviours, results and remedies of this form of emotional harm to children. PAAO produces webinars, seminar, and workshops, appears at professional conferences and is the source of Parental Alienation Awareness Day, and the Bubbles of Love campaign both commemorated each year on April 25.

Robert came to be involved with PAAO through his first hand experiences with alienating behaviours. His 3 children’s relationship with him was seriously harmed and severed. His perspective on shared equal parenting is that such a presumption would be a critical step to avoiding the conflict that a single party could impose in the battle to gain sole custody and access. When fueled by the potential of “winning it all” or “losing it all” in the context of sole custody, an emotionally unstable or at times normal range parent will see an attack to their character through the loss or potential loss of their ability to parent and become highly combative. In extreme cases kidnapping or killing the prize plays is the out in order to avoid seeing themselves as being the abandoned parent.

Equal shared parenting is a major presumptive in the battle against parental alienation along with therapy and general education.

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