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Children's Bureau Express

Children's Bureau Express Welcome to the monthly email alert from Children's Bureau Express
February 2014 | Vol. 15, No. 2

Spotlight on LGBTQ Youth
It is estimated that 5 to 10 percent of the children and youth in foster care identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ). It is likely that this population is much higher, and these youth face unique challenges and have specific needs. This month's CBX looks at an initiative by the Center for the Study of Social Policy on the challenges affecting LGBTQ youth in child welfare settings, a guide to help child welfare professionals better care for LGBTQ youth in foster care, and more.
carot CSSP's Get R.E.A.L. Initiative
carot Stories From LGBTQ Youth in Care
carot Caring for LGBTQ Children
carot T&TA Network Resources on LGBTQ Issues

News From the Children's Bureau
CBX launched a new website that also debuts the Associate Commissioner's Page, a monthly message from the Children's Bureau's Associate Commissioner, JooYeun Chang. We also point to new Tribes with approved title IV-E plans to operate foster care, adoption assistance, and guardianship assistance programs; products from CB child welfare research and evaluation workgroups; and a new report evaluating a program that aims to reduce teen pregnancy.
carot The Associate Commissioner's Page
carot CBX Launches New Website
carot 2014 Discretionary Grants Forecasts
carot Tribal Title IV-E Programs
carot Personal Responsibility Education
carot Child Welfare Research and Evaluation
carot New! From CB

Training and Technical Assistance Network Updates
The Children's Bureau recently awarded $21.2 million in funding to continue its support of NCWWI's work from 2013 to 2018. We also highlight a new project that aims to share the stories of individuals and families who have experienced adoption in the United States, among other updates from T&TA Network members.
carot NCWWI Announces Continued CB Funding
carot NRCA's Adoption Tapestry
carot More Updates From the T&TA Network

Child Welfare News
CBX looks at research on meeting the needs of infants and toddlers who experience maltreatment, risk factors that make girls more susceptible to involvement with both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, and a report exploring teen birth rates among youth involved with child protective services in Los Angeles County, CA.
carot Serving Young Children With Special Needs
carot The Unique Needs of Infants and Toddlers
carot Risk Factors for Female Crossover Youth
carot Birth Rates Among CPS-Involved Youth
carot Helping Young Children Succeed

Strategies and Tools for Practice
This section of CBX offers publications, articles, reports, toolkits, and other instruments that provide either evidence-based strategies or other concrete help to child welfare and related professionals. This month, we include a factsheet on young children's participation in and access to high-quality early care and education, trends in Federal and State investments in these programs, and more.
carot The Benefits of Trauma-Informed Care
carot Transitioning Youth With Disabilities
carot Marriage and Relationship Education
carot Getting Youth Engaged in Their Community

This CBX section provides a quick list of interesting resources, such as websites, videos, journals, funding or scholarship opportunities, or other materials that can be used in the field or with families. This month, we point to a guide on how to start a youth-serving program and bilingual resources for refugee or immigrant children and teens.
carot Starting a Youth-Serving Program
carot Guide for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
carot Early Care, Education Factsheet
carot Safety Guides for Refugee, Immigrant Children

Training and Conferences

carot CQI E-Training Module
carot Conferences
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