Thursday, February 20, 2014

PsychSearch- Let's make a new reality

This is all about reality.  What exists and what is about to exist (with certainty).

Some reality:  

1. State licensing agencies are not out on the prowl investigating psychiatrists to protect you.  

2. State licensing agencies must first receive a complaint before they take action against a psychiatrist.

3. Complaints have to be filed to get licenses of psychiatrists revoked.

4. No complaints = no investigation = no license revoked.

5. Therefore complaints must be filed to get licenses revoked.

That's a reality.

What to do?

File thousands of complaints!  And that process is now for the first time very REAL! has now made it easy for victims of psychiatrists across the entire nation to file complaints.  Very easy.   This LINK needs to be shot from cannons to every nook and cranny of the United States of America to let people know about it.    

It's just a website link!  But Man Oh Man!  Watch out!  It's powerful!
And My Oh My! - it's SO simple!

We are simply calling it:

Our estimate of 1,000 complaints filed against psychiatrists in 2014 was a very, very serious underestimate if you do at least one of the below:

1. E-mail THE LINK to everyone in the USA. (or as many as you can reach!)
2. Post THE LINK wherever possible on the net.
3. Post THE LINK to your websites.
4. Use these images to help promote THE LINK:
5. Plaster THE LINK on handbills on the walls of every NYC subway (check local ordinances)
6. Paint THE LINK on all your hot air balloons
7. Fly THE LINK using airplane banners
8. Pay for Google ads so that THE LINK gets plastered all over the world wide web.
9. Pass out THE LINK on leaflets around a psychiatrist office or a psych hospital.
10. Post THE LINK on grocery store bulletin boards.
11. Post THE LINK on telephone poles around a psych hospital (check local ordinances)
12. Hold a press conference announcing THE LINK.
13. Get others to pay for Google ads promoting THE LINK.
14. Come up with ingenious ideas (and of course implement them)

     Believe me, have no doubt, with your financial assistance, we will certainly make THE LINK well known.

The reality is - it just needs to be blown out everywhere to every man or woman who has been harmed by drugging, shock treatment, sexual abuse, etc. etc. by a psychiatrist.

The complaint form is still being tweaked but while it is being perfected - it works already - complaints are being filed from people across the country - so it's okay to let it rip right now.  Finding out how to maneuver through government complexity to file a complaint
against a psychiatrist may be difficult for some.    We have made it easy.

How many licenses of psychiatrists do you want revoked?  

Well, that depends entirely on how many people receive THE LINK from you.

We know you can grasp the reality of the process.  But will you do one of the real actions in 1-15 above? 

Friday, February 28, 2014 is the 10th Anniversary of

Do us a favor.   Make the link known.

Let's make a new reality.

Let's roll.


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