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A resource guide to parent-child therapy in New York City.

Most parents whose children enter foster care are required to take parenting classes. Usually, that has meant going to a weekly class. However, another kind of parenting program is parent-child therapy, where a therapist supports the parent in understanding and responding to the child's emotional needs. This special resource guide from Rise includes stories by real parents who have gone to parent-child therapy as well as a list of organizations that provide this service.
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Two mothers explain how parent-child therapy helped them.

Kira Santana and Sara Werner are two mothers who have gone to parent-child therapy at the Albert Einstein Early Childhood Center's Infant-Parent Project. Here they describe their experiences:
Parent-child therapy helps parents and children build a lasting bond.

Wendie Klapper, director of the Parent-Infant Center at Mt. Sinai-St. Luke's, explains how therapy can help parents and very young children build a stronger relationship. Strengthening that bond early on, she says, can benefit children throughout their lives.

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