Thursday, June 26, 2014

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June 26, 2014

New Member Benefits to Protect You from Medical Madness

No doubt we all breathed a sigh of relief when we read the news that Justina Pelletier was finally going home. While nothing could give back the 16 months that had been stolen from her family and from her life, at least the madness of her kidnapping was at an end.

Only the madness didn’t end.

Justina is home, sure. Her nightmare has turned a significant corner, though she still has a lot of recovering to do.

But in the weeks since then, more stories like hers have come out in the news. I’ll tell you below how you can take steps to keep this madness from happening to you. But first, consider just one of these additional recent events involving parental rights in a medical setting:

Medical Madness Continues

Kansas City mother Michelle Rider has lost custody over her son Isaiah – just like in Justina’s case – even though the teen has a confirmed diagnosis of a debilitating disease that causes painful tumors on his nerves. A Chicago hospital accused the mom of medical abuse because she took her son to five different hospitals in search of the best care and pain management.

In short, the madness is not just in Massachusetts hospitals, and it is far from over.

But you can help us solve this problem while helping yourself as well.

How You Can Help

We adopted the motto long ago, “Protecting children by empowering parents,” and our new Elite Membership program is designed to do just that. We’ve been inviting you to become a member for years, and now we have something special to offer if you do.

Starting this week, we have put together a package of materials for our members, with a new package available each month. This month’s package focuses on “Parental Rights in the Medical Setting” – the very issue faced by the Pelletiers and by Michelle Rider above.

Your membership gift will help fuel the efforts of our organization, while putting into your hands tools you can use to be better informed, better equipped, and simply encouraged in your most important role – that of a parent.

You can read more about this exciting program on our Elite Membership page (or use the shortcut

We really need your support as we prepare to take on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) once again. But this time your support will secure something worthwhile for your family as well. We provide tips and guidance to give you greater knowledge and confidence the next time you have a medical situation with your child.

Please check out the Elite Membership page and consider starting your membership today. Monthly memberships start at just $5, or you can save with a 12-month membership for only $50. It’s like getting two months free. Most of all, you are fueling our efforts to halt the CRPD and protect your family through passage of the Parental Rights Amendment.


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

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