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Florida Prosecutor Threatens US~Observer Publisher

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US~Observer News Alert
Florida Prosecutor Threatens US~Observer Publisher
By US~Observer Staff
(May 10, 2012) Pensacola, Florida – Over the past few months the US~Observer has been receiving reports that Prosecutor Russ Edgar of the First Judicial District of Florida has made threatening comments towards founder and publisher of the US~Observer Edward Snook.
The reports attribute Edgar as stating, “I’m going to get him,” to, “I am going to sue him,” etc… These alleged comments are obviously due to the US~Observer’s extensive coverage of the “Rodgers” false prosecution case, that has been going on in Pensacola for the past two years.

US~Observer's articles on this Florida false prosecution:
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Edward Snook has stated that he is completely unconcerned with Prosecutor Russ Edgar or any other corrupted public official who resorts to making spineless threats, when they are exposed for damaging innocent people. 
Snook lashed out at Edgar on Tuesday as he was presented with yet another allegation that Edgar had threatened him, “Russ Edgar is part of a cabal of prosecutors, mixed with public officials in the Pensacola area, who think they can destroy anyone they choose, whenever they choose. They must think that they are ‘gods,’ however I fully intend to show them that they are nothing more or less than the cowards they are. Real men with any semblance of ethics or morality don’t abuse the innocent. Cowards like Edgar, sit back behind their various facades, making idle threats, while they destroy good and innocent people.” 

Snook continued, “To Hell with Prosecutor Russ Edgar. I wonder if Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi are going to ignore these alleged threats against the publisher of a national newspaper, like they have ignored other issues of absolu te corruption in Pensacola and around the rest of Florida.”
The US~Observer treats every threat as a serious one and while Edward Snook has become almost immune to such threats over the years, because of his unprecedented exposure of corruption and corrupt and dangerous public officials, our staff takes the approach that all alleged threats should be made public. 
Editor’s Note: Anyone with information regarding threats or corruption coming from Russ Edgar or other public officials in Florida are urged to contact the US~Observer at 541-226-8235 or

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  1. this prosecutor is trying to stop all americans from our freedom of speach rights by shutting up an unbiased national news outlet who has exposed him and his cohorts for the filth they really are. i hope the us-observer gets this cancer and cuts it out... starting with edgar, bill eddins, who is his boss and also is the presiding president of the florida prosecutors association. watergate's theme was follow the money. here it is follow the power all the way to a corrupt governor ric scott. elections are in nov. we must get these crooks out of there and elect some honest name is jimmy rodgers and me and my family are being targeted by this group of tyrants. they want to kill us or put us in prison to appease some of their good ole boys who stole our business. we are not the 1st people they have done this to, but with the outrage of our fellow americans we could be the last!!!!

  2. i have decided to put all my efforts into exposing these corrupt officals. my family and our honest partners have been put through a modern day torture by these prosecutors who have hidden agendas. they work the legal system to benefit themselves. the 1st thing they do to you is arrest you and place you on an 8 day journey across america in a van filled with convicts. then they place a $100000 bond on you designed to keep you in jail or bankrupt you so you can not afford a good lawyer. then they assign a public attorney who is as corrupt as they are, and the game is on. i am an x college coach who knows a little something about compliance and current opposition does not believe in either. i will not sit still for any of this bs and i intend to win this game at all costs. the stakes are way too high to lose. we are facing 90 years in prison for crimes that never took place. i will win this for my family, partners, and all the future victims of these corrupt officals.i have a big stick to fight with and it is called the us-observer!