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August 06, 2012 

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Liberty, Justice, & The Rule of Law

I have a T-shirt that says "Freedom is not Free!"

Patrick Henry said, "Give me Liberty or give me death!"

Liberty is what we seek.
  • Liberty to own a home.
  • Liberty to run a business.
  • Liberty to enjoy life.
  • Liberty to walk the streets unharmed by hoodlums and assassins.
  • Liberty to enjoy our God-given rights!
But, there's a crack in the Liberty Bell to warn us!

The physical crack is real. We've seen the Bell and its physical crack up close. The Bell hangs in a Philadelphia museum. From a window near the Bell you see Independence Hall across the lawn, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, proclaiming a promise as yet not quite filled.

The promise was "Justice for ALL".

The crack in the Bell symbolizes our failure to secure Justice for ALL.

Too long "We the People" have let others run the "justice business" and, as a consequence, have failed to secure for ourselves and our posterity the blessings of liberty too many have died for ... far too many!

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepLiberty without Justice is impossible!

War and public protests alone can never secure Justice for ALL.

We the People must learn how Justice works and take the "justice business" away from the lawyers once and for all! 

We CAN ! 

The People are missing their opportunity to control my profession by learning the lawyer game and what it takes to win!

All those wonderful, brave, dedicated boys and girls putting their lives in danger and dying for the cause of Liberty ... while We the People allow Justice to be stolen from us by a profession that has made it a private business with closely-held trade secrets they refuse to share with the public!

Justice is not a business!

Justice is a sacred right!

Justice should be treated as a holy enterprise where truth alone is sought and the Rule of Law is secured for each and every one of us through strict enforcement of due process rules blind to money, blind to power, blind to political influence, and resistant to corruption of any kind! 

Let THIS be the generation that secures Justice for ALL!

Let THIS be the generation that learns the rules of Justice.

Let THIS be the generation that teaches its children how to use the tools and processes that make Justice possible!

Let THIS be the generation that demands that Justice and its rules be taught to our children in our tax-supported schools!

Let THIS be the generation future leaders look back to and praise for giving the world Justice for ALL!

Let THIS be the generation that honors those who gave their lives for Liberty by learning how to secure the Justice that makes Liberty possible.

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... D. Parker
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Your course is SO practical. Keep up the GREAT work!
... John T.
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Thanks to your Jurisdictionary site, I learned so much that I won favor with the Magistrate and he ruled favorably on every motion I filed. I thank God for your web site, and thank you too!
... U. Lowe
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... Tyler G.
... Olympia, Washington
I call it "empowering the people" when I preach Jurisdictionary!
... Charlie H.
... Haw River, North Carolina
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