Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last weekend to watch the documentary SUPPORT? on line.

About  Support? System Down- 

Good People & People of Faith,

A reminder that it's the last weekend to view this important documentary on-line and at no cost.  I watched it a few days ago (and had seen the earlier version) and this final cut is even better and includes many people: Judges, lawyers, activists & many mothers and fathers -- talking about how the System has failed.

It will be depressing for many to watch -- we have lived it. But it will make a big impact with others who haven't been through the system. It tells our story.  Watching it now should make for an easier decision to buy the DVD version when it becomes available in a few weeks -- show it to others within your family and at meetings...

I'll admit, I may have some bias in my views.  I was interviewed while in jail and got to know the producer, Mr. Angelo Lobo, fairly well -- he's been through it himself.  He has struggled to make this documentary a reality and he genuinely cares about our message and making it heard.

NOTE - I did notice some sound/sync issues during the download and asked about that.  It was a result of the compression done to create the on-line version.  This should not be present in the final DVD.

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