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August 9, 2012
88 New Cosponsors Waiting for Your Visit
The great thing about the August Recess in Congress is that you can visit Congress without having to travel to D.C.

Your congressman and senators are back home in your state this month, and we would urge you to please take an hour or two out of your schedule to visit them. That’s all it takes, usually including drive time. You will only need 10-30 minutes to actually visit with them; a lot can be said in fifteen face-to-face minutes.

What to Say
First, urge your congressman to cosponsor HJRes110, the Parental Rights Amendment. As of today, 66 members of Congress have not cosponsored HJRes110 who did sponsor its predecessor in the last Congress. Another 22 who pledged to support the amendment during the 2010 campaign still have not signed on, either. That’s 88 congressmen who shouldn’t need any convincing. We would like to see all 88 sign on as cosponsors as soon as they return to D.C!

Second, urge your senators to protect parental rights and American sovereignty by voting “no” to ratification of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. If ratified, this treaty could replace loving parents with disconnected judges and bureaucrats when it comes time to decide what is in the best interest of a disabled child.

So far 11 senators are standing up for American sovereignty and American families by committing to vote against ratification. To find the current list of “Sovereignty Champions,” visit us here.

You can also urge your senators to cosponsor SJRes42, the Parental Rights Amendment in the Senate.

How To Do It
To set up a meeting, visit your lawmaker’s website online to find the nearest office location. Then call the number provided and ask for an appointment to see your representative or senator. (You can find links to their websites by clicking on your state at For an even greater impact, invite family and friends to join you for your visit.
Further Action
Also, don’t forget to support the Parental Rights Amendment while protecting your children. As we announced Wednesday, we will send you the DVD series, Internet Safety 101, as a gift for your donation* of $100 or more. This incredibly thorough tool will help you recognize and defend against the myriad threats to your child which are posed by the internet and modern technology.

Together we can protect children by empowering you, the parents, through tools like Internet Safety 101, and through adoption of the Parental Rights Amendment!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

*Because is a 501(c)4 lobbying organization, donations are NOT deductible for income tax purposes.
Parental Rights Amend. House Cosponsors
Includes HJRes110 lead sponsor, Rep. Trent Franks.
Latest addition Aug. 3, 2012.
Parental Rights Amendment Senate Cosponsors
Includes SJRes42 lead sponsor, Sen. Jim DeMint.
Latest addition July 23, 2012.
Senators Opposing CRC Ratification
Includes SR99 lead sponsor, Sen. Jim DeMint.
Latest addition Feb. 6, 2012.
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