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See the LATEST in the Justina Pelletier story

Since the Justina Pelletier case might be on-going, I created this page to compile the stories.
‘State-snatched’ girl prompts move in Congress
Proposal targets policy that took teen from parents

April 4, 2014

I left a comment on that story-

This has been a nightmare for thousands of parents for the past 40 years.

That's what the Parental Rights Amendment is about-

We warn and EDUCATE young couples. "Because What you DON'T Know- CAN HURT YOU"-

Leonard Henderson, co-founder
American Family Rights
"Until Every Child Comes Home"

Google search for "Justina Pelletier" The NEWEST stories

This case epitomizes practically EVERYBODY'S case dealing with CPS lying Character Assassins, LAWIARS, insane mental illness contractors, corrupt judge, and unlimited state funds to protect the state from a HUGE lawsuit settlement against all this evil. 

Judge Ruling PDF

3-27-2014 UPDATE- Why did Pelletiers lose custody?
And- Why Did DCF Cancel Justina’s One-Hour-A-Week Visit With Her Family?


How Can You Stop the Massachusetts NightmareFrom Happening in Your State?

Perverted Justice of Justina Pelletier’s Case and the Grassroots Outrage
March 28, 2014 at 5:00 am / by Pamela Anne

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  1. You're right, the tactics in this case are all too familiar.. I'm happy that one of these cases is finally getting a lot of attention. Yay! They took my nephew in Dec. 2012 after his little brother died of what was most likely SIDS. They never allowed any of us visits, and the last we heard he was in an adoptive home. I just started a petition to find him. I hope you will consider signing it.

    There’s another petition there as well:
    I looked up her claim about her county’s CPS and found this:

    Thank you so much for this site. Sincerely, Mary Bissell