Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Laws that Allow CPS to Continue to Exist

For a long time, I thought the laws Congress passes will exist for eternity, and nothing short of an Act of God could nuke them.  I probably got that idea from learning about Prohibition.

I got a surprise in 2010 when I fell backwards into discovering The CAPTA Reauthorization Act of 2010

I think this is the earliest thing I wrote about it- CAPTA up for reauthorization
I wrote THIS and a story- CAPTA Reauthorization Introduced in the Senate

But the damned thing passed.The Demoncrats just had to BLOVIATE about it.
CAPTA- Don't Amend it. Just End it.
Upon having my curiosity piqued, I started searching about these gawd-awful laws. Much to my surprise, ALL of them have to be renewed every 4 years.

See Timeline of Major Federal Legislation Concerned With Child Protection, Child Welfare, and Adoption  See chart below

The chart is quite instructive-  CAPTA'74 was the grandmother of this entire mess.  From it sprung an entire industry of government employees and colluding contractors.  Over the past FORTY YEARS, CAPTA has been considerably added to with MORE just awful laws to aid in Legally Kidnapping children and holding them hostage or for resale.  ALL OF WHICH laws have to be renewed every four years. 

And it doesn't seem to matter if it takes a couple years to renew each law- this tyrannical industry keeps progressing like Cancer.
It has been impossible for me to keep up with these things, and only recently I became aware of the brand new S. 1876, The Strengthening And Finding Families for Children Act
-which led me HERE, where FOUR MORE similar bills are proposed.

Follow for similar bills.
  • UPDATE: I just now spotted at the bottom right side of the chart below is the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 P.L. 111-148".  Which means that somewhere in the 20 some odd thousand pages of that gawd-awful Obamacare is more trouble and harassment for kidnapping kids from families, and Billion$ created out of thin air to pay the corrupt agencies and their colluding contractors.

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