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CPS in your life will KILL you

In response to today's story in HEALTH magazine-
Do Stressful Jobs Fuel Heart Attacks?
July 18, 2012 | By Amanda Gardner

I offer a reprint of an article I wrote in 2004-

CPS in your life will kill you

In 1967, Holmes and Rahe published the Social Readjustment Rating Scale which ranked the stress factor of life events on a scale of 1-100.

Number 1  was "death of a spouse" at 100. Death of a child is equivalent (a kidnapping and subsequent family death sentence may be worse) , followed in 2nd place by Divorce (73) 3rd place, Marital Separation (65), Changes in financial state (38) Change in Living Conditions (25) Change in residence (20). 

For people who find themselves involved in the family court system (with the standard restraining order), that's a stress value of at LEAST 248 points. 
Those events are repeated with each court trip, sabotage, and the piling of bogus charges to the point that you are forced to plea bargain in spite of being completely innocent.


We must also factor in the ruinous effect of false allegations of abuse, which is an attack on your very person.  The false allegation and injustice consumes the falsely accused.

It's not paranoia if CPS is in your life Sleepless nights and terror-filled days take their toll on your health.  
It comes to "nothing else matters" if you cannot exonerate yourself and prove your innocence.

And the sneering system actors accuse you of being "paranoid".
The false allegation destroys your employability in virtually any field, thus removing your prospects of any future success, while your current life situation, home and finances disappear down the deep black hole forever.

CPS- Smoke, Mirrors, and Bald-Faced LiesIf the insanely abusive CPS actors are completely successful, you will spend the rest of your life with a mental illness label, which is part and parcel of the standard Character Assassination.

The ultimate "Piece d'Resistance", the "icing on the cake" is when they not only collect child support from you for your kidnapped kids, they collect it from your "prison pay" after totally destroying your life.  There are thousands of innocent people in prison today on completely fabricated allegations.

CPS in your life will kill you.

Research findings from the Holmes and Rahe scale:
  • The more life events one experiences, the more likely they are to get sick.
  • Individuals who have heart attacks had more significant life events in the six months prior to the attack.
  • Individuals who became depressed had a larger number of life events, particularly losses, than those who did not.
  • The gradual chipping away at an individual by stresses that wear him or her down leads to susceptibility & precipitates dramatic jumps in illness.
  • What distinguishes hospitalized groups from the non-hospitalized is the number of "uncontrollable" life events in the preceding year - "helplessness-inducing" life events.
Credit- This article is adapted from
Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D. 12-2-2002

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